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Rui Neves

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  • Birthday 1994-09-08

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  • CPU
    AMD a8 6600k
  • Motherboard
    MSi a88xm-e35
  • RAM
    Corsair xms3 4gb(x2)
  • GPU
    AMD XFX GTS XXX RX 580 4gb
  • Case
    NOX coolbay SX blue
  • Storage
    KIngston A400 120gb , WD Blue 1tb 7200rpm , HSTG of 500 gb , some 2"5 model of 5400 rpm
  • PSU
    Bitfenix Formula Gold 550w
  • Display(s)
    AOC G2260VWQ6
  • Keyboard
    1life gaming
  • Mouse
    unbranded gaming mouse
  • Sound
    only earphones :P , xiaomi piston 3
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro
  • Laptop
    acer extensa 5630ez

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  1. So you did remove the pads from your gpu ?
  2. So it's fine even if some are a bit damaged ?
  3. Thank you , you think I can still the others pad's too , the other's are new but some have been damaged a bit I think , the temp on gpu core is fine btw , 70°c on full load
  4. Hi , the thermal pad's are still usable ? the GPU core goes to the max temp of 70°c
  5. Hi , since few days ago my screen randomly flickers or flashes . the first time this have happen I jst have disconnected my earphones from computer and have slightly touched the DP cable , I have thinked well maybe the cable is faulty or badly conected to the GPU , after have wiggled that cable a couple of times I noticed that only moving the cable hard almost disconnecting it makes the screen flicker , anyway I changed the cable for another . and it stopped for a day or 2 , today I was only connecting a usb drive and the screen have flickered again ... I recconnected the usb drive , no flicker , I tried touching other usb cables , and the screen gone black for a couple of seconds , I wiggled the DP cable and flickered again , reconnected the DP cable and wiggled the cable again , no flicker ... So what the hell is happening ... I have no clue what is just happening , seems to be for some random reason ... Anyone here have any clue what´s the issue ? Buld : CPU :AMD a8 6600k MB :MSi a88xm-e35 RAM: Corsair xms3 4gb(x2) PSU: Bitfenix Formula Gold 550w GPU: AMD XFX GTS XXX RX 580 4gb System: Windows 10 pro 1909 (fresh installed on 6-3-20) SSD :KIngston A400 120gb HDD:WD Blue 1tb 7200rpm HDD 2 : HSTG of 500 gb , some 2"5 model of 5400 rpm Monitor AOC G2260VWQ6
  6. thank you for the help, really can not see enough dust on the fins from the outside that could Interfere on cooling but maybe inside could be some dust , I had blowed the dust off from the GPU not so long ago ... so from the outside I think I did all I can , about the old fan´s ,only if the GPU fans itself are the cause because Case fan´s I not really believe because the Motherboard and CPU temps are fine , like my CPU only reaches to 50ºc on full load ... My motherboard reaches to like 35ºc on full system load , my case is a large mid tower . with 1 top fan , 1 back , and two front fans .... and it´s been like that for years ... the problem with the GPU is happening at most for 1 month . The GPU itself in my hands have 1,5 years ... the fans getting old on GPU itself would be weird too I think .
  7. well that´s what I am saying only thing that have changed is the temperature on GPU really , what gets me really confuse because I don´t have bad temps on games but on stress tests it seems that the temps go high to fast and stays between the 80 to 83ºc , and on games I really didn´t see to pass the 79ºc even on crysis 3 or fortnite LOL . so in my case nothing have changed at least that I can measure but the temps on GPU have changed a bit ... from what I´ve seen I am not in danger but it is a bit hot .
  8. about Humidity and barometric pressure I have no idea @Bombastinator
  9. okay fan´s age but they can cool down the whole system and not the GPU ?? that there´s no dust enough to be bad for colling system it´s almost with no dust at all . the fin´s look about normal I think
  10. the problem is that I use the same cooling system for years... and there´s no dust in my computer . so nothing in colling have changed , only could have change the temperature in my room but I don´t have how to know that . I even can see by the Motherboard and CPU temperatures that the temperature on both don´t have changed since I have built my computer and it´s been 6 years that I have the same cpu and motherboard .
  11. well mine goes about the same rpm , I ´ve got about 80-81ºc on that benchmark .
  12. the thermal paste was only changed once on 2019 after having thermal issues that have shutdown the card on stress tests , on games it does not go to 80ºc but stays close on some games , like 78-79ºc on max . the card have about 3 years but was bought used with 1 year and half of usage so I do not know what was the use of the card before anyway
  13. I am only seeing room temperature being higher hen , but I don´t have how to compare it with other tests. I don´t have to meausure the room temps
  14. thanks , a bit hotter than I would like but good to know that is still safe . yes it´s strange about the thermal past , should not be hard already that soon ... so that´s why it let me think if it is really worth it or can be something else or if it is just about normal for this card