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  1. I have seen that deepcool's aio coolers are cheap compared to Corsair or NZXT. Is this really so?
  2. I'd like to get only better performance and lower temperatures as the stock heatsink isn't quite perfect
  3. I thought of a 200W cooler like the one I mentioned earlier could be quite and good at stock frequencies and during intense activities such as video editing or streaming
  4. Isn't it too "poor" for a processor like an i9? I think 200W is the minimum for it
  5. No more than 90 bucks. My case supports max 165mm height of cooler
  6. Are aio deepcool coolers good?
  7. I currently have the 3600-X variant. I will use the computer for some work and other things I have written before. I don't OC because i'm not interested in.
  8. Which coolers i should pick for a 3600X and a 9900K (both at stock frequencies)? The 3600X will be used for every type of game, not one in detail and sometimes video editing with vegas pro The 9900K will be used for gaming, streaming and video editing (1080p) with vegas pro in one machine I think the GELID phantom (200W TDP) will go well with both
  9. I don't see Scythe's coolers in many builds so i don't think they're reliable. The Fuma 2 seems to be the best between these three coolers but in my region is not available due to covid
  10. But it's not black and if I have to buy a fan it will "cancel" the low price
  11. What about the mugen 5 and the ninja 5?
  12. Which cooler can hold these cpus under 90° (intel) and 80° (amd) without oc? CPUs: R9 3900X, R5 3600X, R7 3700X, i5-9600K/F, i7-9700K/F, i9-9900K/F Selected coolers: Noctua NH-D15S Noctua NH-U14S Noctua NH-U12S chromax.black Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.B Scythe Fuma 2 Scythe Ninja 5
  13. If you want to save money on the cooler, take the NH-D15S. It differs by a few degrees with the D15 and has more compatibility with the ram. You can also read this https://noctua.at/en/whats-the-difference-between-nh-d15-and-nh-d15s
  14. Noctua NH-D15S ARCTIC Freezer 34 DUO Noctua NH-U14S Noctua NH-U12A