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  1. Hi guys, so for years I've been using the Logitech G700s as my bluetooth mouse with no issues at all. Recently though i bought myself some Bluetooth headphones (EKSA E5 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones). At first I was happy with my choice but especially during gaming I noticed there were occasions when my game would seemingly lag - with 150+ fps. After a while I also noticed random missing audio for brief moments which is especially unfortunate in FPS-games. I came to the conclusion that it had to be a bluetooth related problem most likely being caused by the two devices interfering with each other throttling the other peripheral's transmission rate in a way. To make sure its not caused by my router which is also close to my PC i switched to 5Ghz on my WiFi which didn't help either. Is there any way I can use both devices or do further troubleshooting? Any ideas? Just to clarify: If i use my mouse as the only Bluetooth device with another headset, it works fine. Same goes with the headset with my mouse turned off.
  2. For anyone wondering and having the same issue: the i9 9900KF is too new for most motherboards' preinstalled BIOS to handle. In my case i couldnt even POST because the motherboard couldnt deal with this CPU although it generally supports i9 CPUs and especially claiming it can handle 8th and 9th generation CPUs. Updating your BIOS - wether you have the abiltity to flash it or have someone or a small company place another fitting "older" CPU inside to do the job for you - will most likely resolve your problem if you have a similiar one.
  3. So, probably my issue is the BIOS which i cant update without it posting. Im wondering: in my manual it says that i can stop the Mainboard from checking on itself during POST and enter BIOS. Since i dont have any video output on my monitor, spamming the delete key probably wont do me any good in actually reaching the BIOS, right? And even if it worked, I do need a supported CPU to perform the BIOS update or am i mistaken? So I do need my motherboard manufacturer to send me a kit with a CPU to update my BIOS?
  4. But with a ROG Strix Z930-F Gaming shouldn't there be support for these CPUs from the box? Ive checked the BIOS updates log and as far as i can tell there is no mentioning of adding support for those CPUs in a later version while also claiming on the Box it supports 8th and 9th core processors. But do you think this could actually be the issue?
  5. Hey there. Ive been having issues with my new build not posting and my motherboard telling me its a cpu related issue. My new i9 9900KF looks like this. Especially take not of the bottom left corner. It seems like there are tiny marks on the landing spots for the pins. When installing the cpu i was gentle and didnt scratch it around the socket as far as im concerned but this seems odd to me. Could this be the issue or are these marks more or less a common thing? NOTE that these marks are way more appearant with my phones flash on while taking a picture without flash they are very very subtle to see
  6. Could that actually break a CPU unless the paste reaches the Pins of the motherboard or the CPU bottom side?
  7. Hey there, although you disabled Steam overlay, the main problem with this game seems to be a poor version of the Steam version. I have a similar issue and I've read that the game on Origin, Windows Store or even pirated versions of the game run smoother than the one on steam which is an issue of a rather new update supporting the workshop implementation of FF15 in Steam - which you can NOT disable in any way. The only way to fix this issue afaik is to downgrade to an older version and not let steam update to the newer ones. see here: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_XV Be aware though that you can not use your save files anymore!!! So if you dont have too much progress, it cant hurt to replay the game but with too many hours invested you should consider if losing your saves is worth it for you. Hope this helped.
  8. Hey there. So a couple of days ago i wanted to upgrade my system with an Intel I9 9900KF and a new motherboard because my current one didnt have the needed 1151 socket. I assembled everything with some of my currently used parts like my GPU, HDD, RAM and so on, but couldnt even post to the BIOS. On this motherboard there was an LED claiming that the CPU was the issue - not being supported or broken as the manual described. I had the feeling that my motherboard - although generally supporting i9 - didnt have the BIOS to actually do so, as some reviewers on the product's site claimed happening to them. But with no other fitting CPU to check if it actually was the motherboard not being able to handle i9 due to the missing BIOS or the CPU, I decided to return the Motherboard. Now i got a new Motherboard - ROG STRIX Z 390-F Gaming - and when trying to post I also have this new motherboard display an issue with the CPU via lit up LED on it. So now im wondering if a new CPU can be faulty out of the box although being brand new? Or could i have made a mistake which i cannot see as of now? What i did so far to troubleshoot/ What i payed attention to while building: - I've checked my CPU multiple times for any kind of visible physical damage ( of which there isnt any as far as i can tell - if needed i can obviously provide pictures) as well as the pins on both motherboards. - I used gloves for the whole process of bulding my PC and still made not sure not to touch the CPU anywhere else other that the sides. - I asssembled everything with the PCU unplugged. - I made sure all necessary cables from the Power Supply, ect. are actually connected in the right way (twice - with both motherboards ) - I tested the CPU with a fan first and then twice on the different Boards without one - I gently placed the CPU in its socket and didnt scrape it across in any fashion while being able to gently close the lid with no big pressure what so ever. - When i mounted the fan, I did not use excessive amounts of force on the screws. - I connected my monitors to the GPU's HDMI and Displayports - not to the motherboard ones. The only real contact that could be relevant to potential CPU damage happened when i mounted the CPU fan because there was a little bit of movement on top of the CPU with thermalpaste in between when i tried to get the screws to allign. Could that potentially cause a problem with the CPU to completely fail? If there is any other info that you need me to provide, I'm happy to give it but I dont feel anything else is relevant at this point of not being able to reach the BIOS. If there is no eye-opening revelation, I'll just send back the CPU after the weekend within my warranty period. I'd be glad if you all could give me some insight. Btw im no native speaker, sorry for weird mistakes.
  9. Thanks that did the trick
  10. Posting again since its not related to my specific hardware. I have a bent connector Pin (Top right). Whats my best way to try and straighten it out again - hoping it still will work?
  11. Unfortunately still not working. Though potentially unlikely... how about the BIOS not being up to date to my CPU. If it were the case that the Motherboard doesnt support the CPU yet, shouldnt I at least be able boot my PC to the BIOS?
  12. I tried both now; used my GPU first and now my motherboard ports, both dont give me any way to see the BIOS menu. Readjusting the CPU wouldnt change anything either. CPU is also placed correctly.
  13. Yes, its the Z390, my bad. I'll try to place the CPU again. Wouldnt my DRAM light up, if there was something wrong with my RAM placement?
  14. Hey guys, first post because I'm lost. I bought an MSI MPG 2390 and a new i9 9900KF. Im aware of the fact that i do need a BIOS update for my motherboard to be able to handle the i9 CPU but i cant get to the motherboard's menu when i try to boot up my PC. My LED on the motherboard signals a faulty CPU which is understandable because it doesn't know i9 yet. But even if i remove my CPU, i cant reach the BIOS to update the BIOS. My Monitors dont show anything from the BIOS. How do i update my BIOS when i cant seem to access it. I do have an "old" i7 CPU but it wont fit onto this board. What am i supposed to do? Btw Pins on my motherboard seem fine, so thats unlikely to be the issue. Need help.