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  1. Do you think it would help to change battery and remove the middle frame to dry some water?
  2. HI I have a galaxy a50 I was going to take some photos by a lake when I dropped it. It was only in the water for a maximum of 5 seconds. it worked well for about 3 minutes. then the screen started flashing a bit. now it does not start. it just flashes green sometimes when I try. I removed the battery cover dried and heated with a heat gun. I also took out the sim card holder. Does anyone have a tip on whether it can be fixed?
  3. How do i find that? I think the name of the pc is lenovo legion y520 tower. Specs: Cpu:i3 3.9 mhz socket 1151 Ram: 8 gb ddr4,idk branding Graphicscard: msi 1050 ti mini Motherboard:lenovo 36d9
  4. Hi i am planing on upgrading my ram. But i dont know how high MHz my motherboard supports. My motherboard: lenovo 36d9
  5. But how do i know witch one is "v1 or v2"?
  6. 1.Intel core i3 7100 3.90ghz 2. Iam playing the crew 2 and the cpu is under the minimum at the game, gets very warm ,it allways uses to 100%. 3. 200-250 dollars maximum 275.
  7. Hi i have a lenovo 36d9 motherboard i want to upgrade to a better cpu but i dont know what socket it have. Can someone help me?