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  1. Eh, actually there is at least three. The ST-F-ESG, ET-HG, and ET-G. I feel really stupid saying they're the same even though there's nothing wrong in that statement... Thank you, I hope all is well in Pakistan. Here in Indonesia we have sites that is similar to ebay, but is only local. You might miss some hidden gems like Chieftec, SAMA, Segotep, which could be available in your country. So use this list as a cheatsheet if you can find those relatively unknown brands. I'm actually very impressed how the component markets seemed so resilient here in Indonesia, In fact I just built a PC and they had everything in stock. I think ordering from Indonesia would be better than ordering from USA like @Juular suggested, as they're also in shortage, haha.
  2. Strider Essential gold is the same as SST-ET650-G Have you tried looking online? Like an Online marketplace or something like that? I'm from Indonesia and I can find good ones in a heartbeat, even faster than those on the USA.
  3. @HEPBO3AHI'm guessing you are from New Zealand, right? It does seem that that PSU might be Oceania-region exclusive. I wouldn't run your config with something that is questionable like this.
  4. Sorry for bumping in this old thread but no, electric motors can turn off and turn on constantly depending on its design. Again, depending on the design. My Honda motor scooter shuts off when idling on 3 seconds and will fire back on when I throttle, so it's not limited to small power electric motors either. Also don't play on the anecdotal evidence card. So either you're joking or completely ignorant. And go ask Linus for a new PSU, he'll probably give you one. @jonnyGURU Can you add more PSUs, especially in the "Older versions of the series names currently in production" section? Including but not limited to: High end PSUs: AXi 1500 (The only one made by flextronics and Titanium efficiency on 2013 lineup) and Old Gold Rated AX1200 (also the only one by flextronics, together with seasonic made ones) Mid Range PSUs: CWT made HX Silver (I believe stylized as professional series or maybe HX V2?, released alongside the Bronze rated, lesser wattage units) and TX units that were non-80 plus rated from 2008 Low End PSUs: Group regulated, CWT based CX units that was once Bronze rated (2012?) and previously White (2010? and maybe an earlier version from 2007-8 because the 2010 version was dubbed "V2"?, not sure, I am too young to remember any of those) and Old VS that I believe only has 230V input I know they're mostly discontinued units, but I think it's good to add just for the education. And just while you're reading this, is there any difference between grey label VS PSUs that have "50"W wattage behind them and with the one with "00"W?
  5. That's actually great considering how bad PSU prices are nowadays. I hope it's new though.
  6. Most of TT Smart do indeed suck, but I am 95% certain this one doesn't. I've never actually seen the internals of this PSU, in fact I've just heard about this now. But pictures through the exhaust grille points out to this being a Smart DPS G (based on the good CWT GPS) platform that has less warranty and no modular cables.
  7. Wait, oh. OK then. Just make sure Segotep support exists in Romania. Like in Malaysia they didn't even bother responding me with questions.
  8. Why do you need 750W? Even if you upgrade to an RTX 2080 Ti you won't need it. Masterwatt and MWE V2 are good but I doubt any of them is better than the segotep apparently. Where are you from anyway?
  9. Yes, Segotep GP-G is the same PSU as Enermax Platimax DF, just with a different brand and (probably) different fan. Seasonic S12III is a weird cheap design outsorced from Rui Sheng Yuan. Not as bad as the S12II, but it's kinda meh.
  10. Actually, Corsair sent two samples on Cyben. The second sample fared much better, so that's a relief. Did HEC forgot to put a capacitor on a batch or something?
  11. It's an OCP configuration issue that is too sensitive to abnormally high current peaks. I think it should be easy to fix, if there's no news on Antec 99% chance it's fixed on the Antec. I am not sure why Seasonic couldn't get this right, it doesn't seem to be complicated either. I know, this list is garbage... But here's the deal, Cybenetics loaded the 3V rail at 9A and 5VSB rail at 2.5A to get it out of ATX specs. I know no sane mind would load a 3.3 or 5VSB rail that much, but it's still within the rated capacity written on the label, maybe you should look into this issue? Because I have not seen this in other modern Corsair PSUs, not even the grey VSes.
  12. Actually, this tier list accounts ripple at 110% overload, and many PSUs, including the 650 W Vengeance Silver does not have this behaviour. FYI I have checked almost a hundred Cybenetics/Aris_Mp reviews, most PSUs does not have this behaviour.
  13. Out of the three, the DQ ST is the best. I know it's one of the cheapest decent PSUs out there. The Nex G should be avoided. It's based on the Aurum platform that is group regulated. The Smart SE should be entirely avoided, it is an old design that seems to be a repurposed Smart 730 that was already pretty crap in 2012, let alone now. You might be missing some hidden gems in your country. If you can give a link to your favourite online store for reference, it'd be much easier to help.
  14. The reason is important, why are you upgrading it in the first place? It's similar internally, and the performance is very similar. The only difference is the noise and fixed OCP/OPP issues. Or do you want the bling-bling RGB? I can't argue with that. @jonnyGURU, I have just read the TweakPC DE review and the Cybenetics certification data. Your Vengeance Silver 750 seems to have overload ripple problems. Can you confirm this? https://www.tweakpc.de/hardware/tests/netzteile/corsair_vengeance_650m_750m/s02.php ftp://members.cybenetics.report/PDF_Reports/d/cybenetics_DWi.pdf (warning, downloads a PDF)