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  1. Thanks for appreciating it. It goes against what I typically build but I realize what I like isn't what she's into. I'll keep you all updated
  2. Thanks for appreciating it. It goes against what I typically build but I realize what I like isn't what she's into. I'll keep you all updated
  3. Finished applying the stickers and now we are spraying it with a UV resistant clear coat. I realize the fans aren't the best but they're white and they're RGB. It'll do the job for her first PC.
  4. I'm building my anime-loving daughter her first desktop PC for her birthday October 10th. I'll be giving her my 2080 and one of my two x570 boards. (I had to buy two to troubleshoot multiple issues I was experiencing) All I've done so far is sticker bomb her case and order her some Cooler Master Sickle Flow 120 fans. Even the sticker bombing isn't complete but here are the first images.
  5. I thought the problem was gone but it happened again this morning. I noticed the lag when my mouse started skipping a bit and YouTube video and audio was skipping. I pressed restart and now it's hung on the "restarting" screen. Can anyone help?
  6. It started happening while I was playing Team Fight Tactics so I turned on GPUz and HWMonitor as well as screenshotted my task manager. Any clues? It seems to me like the video card is working properly so maybe there's something wrong with my motherboard? I'm still wondering if its a driver issue. GPU-Z_Sensor_Log.txt
  7. I flashed the newest bios update already. I've cleared the cmos. When I look up this issue it seems to be audio driver related?
  8. I just built a new system with: Ryzen 5 3600x 32 GB GSkill Trident Z Neo 3600 Asus x570-p Prime EVGA Nvidia 2080 Super Inland m.2 nvme SSD 1TB Corsair RM750 Corsair H115i Out of nowhere, for no good reason, I'll start getting FPS drops. It causes my mouse to skip across the screen like I'm on a 20hz monitor. It causes audio to skip in games, music, and discord. I pull up the task manager and nothing seems too crazy except the GPU does show that it's using a lot of power usage (says Very high) When this happens I try to restart and it just hangs on the restarting screen I tried: formatting and reinstalling windows reinstalling all drivers turning off all overclocking turning off fast reboot reseating all hardware components Does anyone know what the issue could be? It's extremely frustrating. If you need any more information like dxdiag or anything, let me know. I can screenshot hwmonitor, gpuZ, or cpuZ if need be. Thanks in advance for your help.