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  1. Yeah i didint check that becuase I dont know how to find it also I dont know how to hook each sw like power sw reset sw led and all that i dont know how to hook it up into that /
  2. Well i have done a recent case swap for the Dell Optiplex 9010 and was wondering i keep getting the Power Cable alert failure and its getting pretty annoyingg anyone know how to fix it heres my pinout for the power sw
  3. I have stock cpu intel cooler and a 30$ small case i got from ebay with rx 580 2 fans and a house fan aimed at my pc
  4. Temps dont change at all when side panel is removed
  5. I replaced the thermal paste recently also my motherboard i bought it from enay and didnt have dust etc
  6. I thought u couldnt shutdown cause of temps
  7. My pc keeps shutting down completely after running modern warfare for about 10 minutes my temps were about 85-90 specs i7 3770 12 gb ram 500gb hdd rx 580 red devil 8gb vram any suggestions or ways to fix this problem, it was worked well before this new modern warfare update but i have been messing around with my settings and recently reset my computer so idk.
  8. What should I change my settings to
  9. My GPU reaches 90 degrees while gaming and Im trying to keep the fan speeds down while gaming because it can be really loud just to be on the safe side is this safe Specs I7 3770 RX 580 8GB 12GB RAM 500GB HDD
  10. I need a new motherboard because my PCIE slot broke I got the same one just hoping it works!
  11. I want to get a new motherboard I currently have a Optiplex 9010 LGA 155 OKV62T with DDR3 And i want to get a slightly upgraded motherboard will a new motherboard work my I7 3770 if it says LGA 155 and have DDR3 ram slots just making sure before I go out any buy anything
  12. This is my mother board because it has the exact same numbers and serial numbers etc https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153853947493
  13. Would i be able to use a GPU riser and mount it vertically?
  14. I have a optiplex 9010 is the mobo thr same?