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  1. That CPU it from 2019 That is not to old G90T was one of Mediatek's most powerful SoCs
  2. My smartphone have a g90t in it. First it was really powerful and can even run fortnite at max settings. After a month,it start to slow down and I have to switch to medium settings to stop the lag. In medium settings just 30fps ( playable ) Can u explain this pls.
  3. Highly Rx 580 will be discontinued
  4. I just ask if it have warranty Nah I will buy it in next year
  5. How about vat ? warranty ?
  6. Aslo refurb products are rare in Vietnam so I really dc
  7. Refurb is basically a faulty product that be fixed. It have alot of risk to become faulty again
  8. Used is 10 times better than refurb Refurb have alot of risk like short life,error,lack of tech support,...
  9. Just enough to buy Rx 570 or gtx 1050ti
  10. AM4 gonna die soon Don't believe me ??? I will only upgrading my pc in 2022
  11. I browsed the price I only need the power of the cpu Who cares about upgrade from i5 2400 I will only using this rig within a year so I really don't care