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  1. Yeah i was wondering to what extent could i upgrade the gpu, before i bottleneck it. I thought 1650 super would probably be max. i forgot to mention i have a 1 tb HDD for storage.
  2. Budget (including currency): 6000 NOK Country: norway Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: football manager, cod: warzone, world of warcraft Other details CURRENT SETUP: i5 4670k GTX 650 TI boost Motherboard: MSI B85-G43 Ram: kingston 8GB DDR3 SSD: Kingston hyperX 3K 120gb What strikes me at first glance is getting a new GPU, and more memory. Potentially changing the SSD, but i'm unsure if i should get a new cpu aswell. Thank you!
  3. Yes i have all the latest drivers, and I have that utility program, it only allows me to change the channel im using, not the protocol. sometimes changing the channel helps because one channel might have more traffic than the other, but it is still unstable.
  4. Yes I do, but i can only disable a/b/g protocols, which i'm not even using it seems. its only using N. basically all i'm wondering is: Is there a way to force my computer to strictly use the AC protocol instead of N? Because my computer supports AC, and i have an AC adapter, but it still won't use AC, it only uses the N.
  5. can guarantee you i didnt miss an option, but here is a screengrab of my device manager. the drivers came with a CD when i bought the card. yeah i won't be able to change the name because the guy who controls the net here won't do that i think. because so many people use this internet i live in a big student building and i don't really know him. and i can almost guarantee he doesn't know how to do it either. he just gets the internet from isp and is happy with that because when i moved in here i asked a bunch about the internet and he said "uhmm yeah we have wifi" i'm sure changing the SIDs for 5ghz and 2.4ghz would solve all my problems but i don't think he will do it. i could send an email i suppose and i have alot of experience with computers, i can configure it easily i just need to know what to actually click on, i've already changed a bunch of settings that just about doubled my wifi speed but it still won't connect to the AC protoctol which is why my desktop is still about half the speed of my laptop
  6. yep those are my only options, there is no N or AC there. i'm looking for drivers online but can't find them. when i go in device manager it says i have the latest drivers
  7. Theres a setting that says "Band preference" i have 2 options: Prefer 802.11a or prefer 802.11g/b
  8. Okey thanks i looked and i couldn't find a setting to use only the AC protocol, which the card states it does. i guess i will have to talk to ASUS support to find out why?
  9. Yeah the speed right now is 45 ish, it has peaked at 70 mbits before. but usually its pretty unstable going all the way down to 2 mbits earlier today. Yeah i have access to the config, but i can't find any config anywhere. the software i have only lets me change the channel i'm using to avoid some traffic, but not the actual protocol, i thought that would have to be changed in windows 10.
  10. edit: my network card states this: Immidiate 802.11AC upgrade for your desktop pc, but it's not currently using the AC protocol, its only using N.
  11. I've just checked, my laptop uses AC, while desktop uses N, is it possible to change from N to AC on my desktop?
  12. Edit: Do you think i can just use an ethernet cable from my laptop to my desktop? because for some reason my laptop internet always seem to be stable and about twice as fast as my desktop computer. ?
  13. I looked it said the protocol it was using was N, i don't know if it keeps changing, and my laptop connection is stable, just desktop is unstable right now, both use wifi? i'm very confused haha
  14. Okey, so i can't change the network name myself? it has to be done when configuring the router?
  15. Hi, i'm getting 110/110 mbps with 3 ping on my laptop, but extremely unstable and slow speeds on my phone and desktop computer, on the desktop im using an ASUS PCE ac56 which previously has worked fine, so i know the card is good, just today and some other days its just extremely unstable. it comes with software which allows me to change the wifi channel to avoid traffic but that doesn't always work. today i'm lagging like crazy no matter what i do. Anyone has a clue whats going on here since both my phone and desktop are the same, but laptop works just fine? i dont have access to the router in my building because im sharing a 1000/1000 mbps fibre line with some people.