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    asus rogs trix x570-e gaming
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    patriot viper blackout 32gb
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    Sleeper pc
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    corsair hx750i platinum
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    windows 10 pro
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    Samsung s10

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  1. If you're blind as a bat or want to fry your eyeball from a close distance the 49 inch monitor up your alley.
  2. Australian here. The pm better be watching he back on getting the boot out of office. We getting tired of those crocked governments. Been a revolving door for PM'S in the last few years
  3. Older case pc sleeper build. Want to find a bracket or put tape over it to have some air pressure.
  4. Looking to buy a bracket that covers the hole beside the pcle slots and i don't know what's it called or where to find one.
  5. What i mean is for the last 14 years our money is worthless on the international market. Examples. 1 Australia dollar only worth 0.72 cents per dollar. UK 1 Australian dollar is worth 0.56 gbp pounds
  6. More expensive for me $170 since our Australian dollar in free fall for the last 14 years lol.
  7. The one next over from the square pin has its corners missing. Unless it doesn't matter if they're square or missing corners?
  8. Are the sockets on the power supply the same for the pcle and eat connections. Also do I need a full 8 pin eat cable for my asus rog strix 570-e gaming motherboard. Power supply only came with 2 4+4 cables =/