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  1. Interfectorem

    Best soldering iron?

    I apologize if this topic is under the wrong sub-forum, I wasn't quite sure which one to choose. Anyways, as a computer and general electronics enthusiast, I realized how pathetic it is to lack the skill of using a soldering iron. Just a few weeks ago, I repaired my brother's mouse that our bunny had chewed through, with Scotch tape (to reattach the cables).... Soldering would've been a much cleaner solution. To my question, anybody know what brand or what type of soldering iron is best? I want to purchase a quality one with the intention of doing fine jobs and keeping it for a while, an investment if you will. My budget is about $50 to $100, and I saw this one and seems to have great reviews. Also, what kind of solder should I use? Any help is highly appreciated, thanks!
  2. Interfectorem

    Steam won't let me buy game as gift?

    So I want to purchase a 4-Pack of Orion Prelude on Steam which is $1.50, because I'm feeling jolly. I already have the game so I want to gift them to some friends. But when I go to buy it, I'm greeted with this. The button to purchase as a gift is grayed out, so what the hell Steam. Anybody have any ideas?
  3. Interfectorem

    RX 480 huh? Is that what the kids are into these days?

    According to reviews, the RX 480 performs ever so slightly worse (1-3 FPS) than the GTX 970, howerver it is much cheaper than the GTX 970 ATM, so I would go for the RX 480.
  4. Interfectorem

    Haswell vs Skylake

    I would just pick up Skylake since it's newer, and me being me, I want to be on the "cutting edge".
  5. Interfectorem

    Corsair Hydro H115i or Corsair Hydro H110i GTX?

    The only difference I can discern is that H100 uses a 240mm radiator (Two 120mm fans) and H110 uses a 280mm radiator (Two 140mm fans).
  6. Interfectorem

    Corsair Hydro H115i or Corsair Hydro H110i GTX?

    I would get the Corsair H110i GTX
  7. Interfectorem

    Looking for Headphone Recommendations

    Hello! I've recently been considering upgrading my HyperX Cloud headset for something a bit higher quality. The only requirement that I have is that they need to be Over-The-Ear style, so no On-Ears or earbuds since these will be used only on my desktop for music and games. I would prefer closed back for the heavier bass and less sound leak. A few contenders I've been eyeing are the Munitio Pro40s , AudioTechnica ATH-M50X, and Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro. I appreciate any recommendations, thanks!
  8. Interfectorem

    Looking for Headphone Recommendations

    I prefer $250 or under
  9. Interfectorem

    What is this connector's use?

    Yes, there's no issue with leaving it un-connected
  10. Interfectorem

    Anyone wnat a closed BETA steam key for DOOM?

    Sure Taken
  11. Interfectorem

    Damaged Radiator?

    No it's absolutely fine. The thin horizontal tubes are what actually carry the coolant so as long as that's not punctured, which it doesn't seem like it, then it's fine.
  12. Interfectorem

    I7-5820K Builds

    Thanks you kind sir. The only seriously out-of-place thing is my K70, which has good ol' bright red LEDs. One day I'll get a K70 RGB, one day...
  13. Interfectorem

    I7-5820K Builds

    I've got a 5820K build http://imgur.com/a/4T7iY
  14. Interfectorem

    Z97, worth keeping it?

    I think you mean 4670K & 4690K.
  15. Interfectorem

    Nexus 5X help

    Google has Stock Android Factory Images available for download for all of their Nexus devices. You could flash that and be back to stock factory Android. I'm not sure if this is what you're asking though. https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images
  16. Interfectorem

    Modding EKWB Predetor 360

    The pump is just screwed onto the radiator with a bracket, it's a DDC pump so the pump is not integrated per-se like in a standard Asetek AIO, which you could buy individually and is what some people use. You can literally buy all of the components the Predator is made out of separately, except the custom made bracket of course to hold the DDC pump and reservoir onto the radiator. It's got EK compression fittings, EK-Supremacy MX water block, EK 360 radiator, EK ZMT tubing, Laing DDC, custom reservoir, it's basically a custom loop that's been professionally assembled for you.
  17. Interfectorem

    Modding EKWB Predetor 360

    The Predator 360 is basically just a pre-assembled custom watercooling kit. So it's higher up than your run-of-the-mill Asetek based AiO like a Corsair H100i GTX
  18. Interfectorem

    Modding EKWB Predetor 360

    I would go with Mayhem's Pastel White fluid along with PrimoChill Advanced LRT Crystal Clear tubing.
  19. Interfectorem

    Razer Core Confrimed at $499.99 USD

    That external GPU dock thing of theirs? Here I thought Alienware's version was overpriced...
  20. Interfectorem

    Quiet Keyboard

    Look for thin keyboards, those tend to be low profile and have very quiet keys.
  21. Interfectorem

    Good 6600k cooler?

    Unlocked Skylake Chips don't come with stock coolers.
  22. Interfectorem

    which is better? (i3 vs i3)

    The i3-4170 is ever so slightly better than the i3-4160. I think it's worth the $6.36 price difference to get the 4170.
  23. Interfectorem

    Motherboard heatsink

    It's not burnt up, the thermal paste is just spread out thinner in that area so more of the black chip die is seen.
  24. Interfectorem

    Erm... 970 or 1070 in May??

    IMO, I would wait until the next series of GPUs come out, either from AMD or Nvidia.
  25. Interfectorem

    First Video Game you ever remember playing.

    Half-Life was I think the first PC game I played.