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  1. Thanks for the replies! Seanondemand - Ubiquity does look like it'd be a great solution, we have a larger back yard and an RV in the driveway that currently have spotty coverage so a modular system would be very helpful. I'm not very experienced with networking but am fluent in google-fu. I do have one more question regarding it. Just to make sure I'm not missing anything on the product description; the Dream Machine does not work as a modem, correct? If not, I still use Comcasts modem, would there be any real benefit from getting a 3rd party modem? Brian Blankenship - I have about 4 channels all to myself with only 3 signals showing (our wifi, our guest wifi, and a printer). The extender works on a back channel, 2ghz I believe. That kinda leads to a separate issue which is that our house was pre-fab, all of our walls are pretty much solid throughout making 5ghz next to useless unless you're in the same room. I guess the more I talk about it the more having wire access points where needed seems to make more sense. I'm thinking, the Dream Machine with 2 of the Pro AP's. Do you guys think that would cover approximately 3400sq/ft with backyard and RV in front?
  2. With everyone working from home we've been having some issues with our internet dropping out. There are four people with work setups along with several TVs going for most of the day; our smart home setup is also rather extensive. Currently we have a Netgear R9000 with a mesh extender (400mb/s connection) but it's 3 or 4 years old at this point. Could that be the problem area? If so what would you recommend to upgrade to? In one of the recent WAN shows Linus mentioned he has a commercial networking solution, is that an option I should look into?