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  1. Yeah, not a huge problem, but its just waste of resource, which i don't like. Also i feel like the issue affects my FPS in games where i have to move my mouse around. But thanks, ill check out that third party software later today.
  2. Yeah, thats weird. Do you have any idea what could cause that issue? Or where should i look to find out whats happening. Any possible fixes maybe. I have also tried uninstalling my mouse from device manager, and then restarting computer, but that didn't do anything.
  3. I3-8350K GTX 1660 Super 8GB ram Win 10
  4. Thats what i did and mentioned. No malware detected, full scanned with atleast 3 different antivirus programs.
  5. Hello, im having a little problem with my mouse and CPU usage. Basically, whenever i move my mouse on my desktop, my CPU usage goes up to 30%! It only happens when i move my mouse around desktop. If i move it over other tabs for example Chrome, discord, then the CPU usage is normal (around 5%). The process is explorer.exe that goes high up. Scanned my PC several times with different antiviruses, no viruses found.
  6. Messed around with settings but it didn't seem to help that much. Gained GPU usage, but CPU usage didn't really go down, it was around 90-100% most of the time. Its weird that its happening to me, because i never had issues with Fortnite before, however i've been using my setup for quite a while now. It started happening recently.
  7. Yeah, i get around 100-110 FPS on MW without ANY problems at all, and the game runs super smooth, no stutters/lag spikes etc.
  8. My motherboard does not support overclocking sadly.
  9. Im playing on 144hz, so ill just limit my fps to 144. Gonna try to mess with graphics settings aswell later. Will RAM upgrade possibly fix the issue? Im currently not planning to upgrade CPU since this problem is ONLY with Fortnite.
  10. I sadly cant overclock my CPU.
  11. And if i play alone, solos for example and close everything possible (chrome, discord) and never alt-tab, then theres no problem with anything. BUT as soon as playing with friends and in a discord call, then i can feel that the game is not running that smooth.
  12. Yes, i mentioned that my sound keeps cutting out constantly. Sound cutting out starts happening after i have alt-tabbed. CPU usage when playing Fortnite is pretty much 100%. If i just play the game and never alt-tab, then the sound cutting out is not a thing, but still the game is not running that smoothly.
  13. Hello, i have a little question about gaming. I am playing many different games, and noticed that Fortnite is the only game thats not running smooth for me. I recently updated my GPU aswell, but the problem is still here. For some reason when playing Fortnite, and in a discord or messenger call, then my game runs really bad. Sound keeps like cutting out and constant lag spikes when playing/textures not loading, sometimes takes few minutes before the textures are fully loaded. I noticed that it only happens with Fortnite. Playing call of duty warzone/deathmatch, GTA V, Rainbow six siege OR anything else with no problems at all. So im here asking what could be the problem. I have already tried reinstalling, but it didn't help. I started thinking that it might be lack of ram? Im planning to upgrade to 16gb ram, but im not sure if thats the issue. Thanks in advance! Specs: i3 8350K @ 4ghz, gtx 1660 super, 8gb ram. (also just to mention that i did not remove gpu drivers before upgrading gpu since many people say that if you switch from nvidia to nvidia, then removing drivers is not required. However, this should not cause the issue as Fortnite is more CPU based game.)
  14. Alright, thanks! Found out that i can get up to 64GB's maximum.