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Tapio Markkanen

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    SCI FinOxy
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    FinOxy PC

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    student, IB-Line


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    z77 pro3
  • RAM
    (videoseven) v7 2x8gb of ddr3 1600
  • GPU
    Radeon rx 5700xt gaming oc
  • Case
    phanteks focus g
  • Storage
    Samsung 970 evo plus 500gb, boot on kingston a400 240gb sata
  • PSU
    seasonic gm-650 semi-mod
  • Display(s)
    lenov thinkvision L2250L wide x2
  • Cooling
    something, says noctua
    is tower cooler
  • Keyboard
    Blackstorm metal mech 2019
  • Mouse
    very old
  • Sound
    some logitech usb headset
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro, ALL PRO
  • Laptop
    dell latitude E6540 with i7-4810MQ
  • Phone
    Galox A50 Blue

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  1. Yeah I would just go with corsair or seasonic And if you are on budget, don´t get fully modular, or even semi-mod PSU, those cost extra
  2. Not bad Does anyone have trouble with loading photos here I couldn´t manage it thourgh ethernet with LAN just wanted to hear, if anyone else has the same problem I want to poist from my new builds with old hardware
  3. I listed it my profile, it is an old dell bussiness unit. sadly they don´t make such good keyboards anymore And docking it to my displays is very nice I just have to figure that keyboard thing
  4. so, yes all my Computers run i7 but that is a bad thing. becasue that sips my laptop battery empty too fast
  5. well, I bought it inside an old Lenovo low prof desktop, and originallt transfered from arock h77 pro 4 after that my motherboard died and I didn´t clear the CMOS. I bought an used z77pro with that i5-3570k with my phantecs focus g case
  6. nice, my current one i7-3770 16gb of DDR3 Asrock z77 pro3 radeon rx 5700xt phanteks focus g PSU seasonic Gm-650 core (it is the TUF alliance one) semi mod PSU
  7. If I can get my phone sharing photos here I would like to post amd fx6300 i5-3570 nvidia gtx 960 stirx nvidia gtx 660 ti Gainward nvidia quadro 400 and 410
  8. https://tietokonekauppa.fi/products/1068453/Komponentit/Keskusmuistit/DDR4_DIMM/F4_3200C16D_16GTZB/G_SKILL_Trident_Z_DDR4_16GB_2_x_8GB_3200MHz_CL16_harmaa https://tietokonekauppa.fi/products/1350402/Komponentit/Keskusmuistit/DDR4_DIMM/F4_3200C16D_16GTZKW/G_Skill_Trident_Z_DDR4_3200MHz_2_x_8GB_16_GB_CL16_1_35V Ok It would seem so that cl16-7 3600MHz is totally out of my budget Any idea if there is a difference between these two Apart from 11e price difference I acdentaly wrote cl16-7 1600Mhz
  9. Hi am doing research on how much I would have to pay to get that ryzen 5, 16gb of ddr4 memory and a new MB. But the thing I am most confused with is the memory. I couldn´t find any guide here, which would show how much speed I need. I am currently looking to buy G.skill´s trident z kit with 16gb (in two DIMMs) Ryzen feeds off fast memory, so what is the swwt spot for speed and price I am trying to do this on budget, so no over shooting. Oh, and I don´t care for rgb Those will be paired up with radeon rx5700XT oc gaming 8GB
  10. Ah. I didn´t see it on neither of my retailers sites, nor integrated to an machine with the pro on it
  11. And there is same kinda thing with ryzen 7 2700x https://www.3dmark.com/newsearch#advanced?test=spy P&cpuId=2410&gpuId=1285&gpuCount=1&deviceType=DESKTOP&memoryChannels=0&country=&scoreType=overallScore&hofMode=false&showInvalidResults=false&freeParams= Even thou it doesn´t even have scores
  12. I was doing research on whihc kinda cpu would be best for the buck on my graphics card. And I found that 3d mark search didn´t have it as ryzen 5 2600x but some "pro" version? Does this mean the ryzen 5 2600x or some other cpu? https://www.3dmark.com/newsearch#advanced?test=spy P&cpuId=2408&gpuId=1285&gpuCount=1&deviceType=DESKTOP&memoryChannels=0&country=&scoreType=overallScore&hofMode=false&showInvalidResults=false&freeParams=
  13. I was thinking more of an new keyboard, which linus covered in some video. Like having usb type c connection and swich for bluetooth, or are those totally crap?