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    Intel 9900k@5.0 all core
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    Asus ROG Maximus XI code
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    Gskill Ripjaws 32gb@3200
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    Gigabyte gtx1080
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    Thermaltake P3
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    Samsung 970 evo+ 500gb, 2x2tb WD spinning
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    EVGA supernova 1000P2
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    Acer K272HUL
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    Custom water loop: alphacool, XSPC, EKWB
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    Logitech G-19
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    Logitech G700s
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    Logitech 5.1 surround.
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  1. I have an Acer monitor that does something similar upon occasion. Only way I have found to get it back is to make sure the pc is off, unplug the monitor video cable from the pc and also the monitor wall power cable. Then plug in wall power to the monitor and the video cable back into the pc and restart everything. For some reason on mine it just needs a hard reset for the pc to recognize the monitor and get video back. I have tried just unplugging and replugging the video cable and windows gives me the chime that it recognizes a new devise being plugged in but the monitor never comes out of power save mode. it needs that reset to bring it back.
  2. Probably be Jayz twocents. At least if the computer talk slowed down we could talk muscle cars or model building.
  3. My parents house is old enough to have 2 prong outlets without the third ground pin. The outlet itself sits in a metal box inside the wall and that metal box has the third ground wire attached to it. If you pull the cover plate off the outlet and you have this third wire you can either just replace that outlet with a modern 3 prong design and unhook the wire from the box and attach it to the new outlet or the other option is an adapter plug something like in the picture. They are designed that you run the screw for the cover plate through the extra metal tab and this grounds the third prong to the metal of the outlet structure and into the metal box it's mounted in. You would have to look for something designed to work with the power outlet design in your country but I would think something might be available.
  4. Most aircraft from the pre-jet engine era had separate fuel tanks built into the wings instead of a wet wing design. Only a small portion of the wing was used for fuel. I'm not terrible familiar with the G4M in particular but your image doesn't seem unreasonable compared to other aircraft of that era. I've attached the tank diagram for a B-17 and you can see roughly the same thing that it's a bunch of smaller individual tanks all plumbed together with pipes and valves.
  5. Ya, I guess when I say mineral oil I used that term poorly. I meant something more like a machine oil along the lines of wd-40, gun oil, or anything from the garage. The blade on mine was a damascus so it rusts fairly easily, I have to keep something on it to keep it rust free. It unfortunately doesn't have the nice 2-tone finish anymore do to my misuse. I need to find someone local that has the correct acid or see if I can make my own so I can re-etch the blade and bring back the original finish.
  6. There have been plenty of times my pocket knife has been used to eat lunch. So much so that I oil mine with cooking oil instead of a mineral oil. I want to make sure that it's not going to poison me if I feel like cutting my sandwich in half before eating it.
  7. Other than the usual wallet, moto z3 phone and keys. Nemo usb rechargeable pen flashlight Kimber Ultra CDP II, very rare I carry the two spare mags but it's nice to have them as an option Kershaw Shallot for the knife.
  8. Not so much that but difficult to find so that it drives the truely law abiding people to have to spend a ton of money to hire a lawyer to help you figure it out. As others have said, if legal carry is not possible at the moment, pepper/cs spray in a can is a much better options than a gun that shoots the same.
  9. Some of the newer Noctua fans come with a silicone rubber gasket to do just that. You can also buy premade ones in either foam or rubber. https://modmymods.com/fans-accessories/fan-gaskets.html
  10. For the guys comparing number of vehicles, 2 cars and 3 motorcycles. Daily driver is a 2012 Chevy Suburban. (Yep standard overkill on vehicle size) fun car 1987 Buick Grand National. All 3 bikes are Ducati, 2016 Multistrada, 2007 Sportclassic, 2006 749 superbike.
  11. Sorry, wasn't meant to be anything. I accidentally clicked the quote button on the post above me purely from habit. Another quick picture of something unique. A pair of Enfields. The one on the LH is the British P-14 chambered in .303 and was manufactured at the Eddystone factory in the USA starting in 1915. The one on the RH is the US M-1917 chambered in .30-06 and was manufactured 3 years later at the same factory as the first gun.
  12. Sorry, wasn't meant to point a finger at you directly but there are enough people on this forum that get chaffed if you don't quote them it's become a bad habit. My AR I built a few years back. Mix-master parts wise and all midgrade stuff. Bushmaster upper, lower and BCG. Green Mountain M-4 cut barrel in 5.56, chrome lined. Magpull furniture and back up sights. Generic PSA trigger group. Smith Enterprises muzzle brake. I splurged on the budget with the Eotech EXPS2 with the two dot reticle.
  13. The thing you need to think about on most military based firearms, AR-15 as the above example, is that the military specifies they need to be interchangeable parts. You should be able to take parts from any gun on a table and mix them into any other gun on the table and the gun will work. I would not try this with bolt/barrel combos so you keep a good headspacing but pretty much every other part in the gun should swap over and work. You can take the upper off a modern gun and pin it to a lower from the 1970's and have a functional gun. This is so that as guns get damaged in battle the armorers at the military bases can have a stockpile of spares and can get a gun functional in a minimal amount of time. A soldier on a battlefield needs to know that if he breaks a firing pin he can pull a spare out of his bag and install it in the gun mid firefight and be back up and running in less than 5 minutes. This level of interchangeability and serviceability rolls over into civilian sales because the gun makers want to stay compatible with the military guns in case they win a contract to supply the government spare parts. You don't want to be left out because you made something out of spec. An airsoft gun doesn't have those requirements because nobody is going to tear it apart in the middle of a skirmish and replace an internal part. You also have to figure that the companies making airsoft equipment may have different patents on the tech/designs for their guns and aren't willing to share with other companies to make the same parts.