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John Anti

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  • Birthday 1979-07-14

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    Watching YT, Playing MTGA, Flying my drone and just being me


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    AMD Rysen 7 2700 Eight-Core
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    ASUS TUF X470-Pluss Gaming
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    32 Gb Corsair Vengence RGB
  • GPU
    AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 8Gb
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    Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 5
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    Samsung SSD 860QVO 1TB, SSHD 1TBH and 2,5 TB external hd
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    Cooler Master B500 Ver.2
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    3x ROC 24inch
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    TUF Gaming M5
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  1. You don't say.... a ca10.000 dollar cinema camera outperforms a cellphone.. "no shit Sherlock" (hehe) offcorce a cinematic camera will work better than a phone camera i just wanted to say that for basic videos on YouTube a phone will work just as good.. But if he has the cash to get a red-weapon camera i would recommend it. I do agree that a real camera will work better but it is not a must
  2. you got a cellphone? cellphones have relay good cameras.. just sayin.. my Samsung s9 does 4k video
  3. when you install windows 10 it gives you an option to not activate it with a key. you still get windows update, performance of the hardware is not impacted at all, you don't have to activate it. It is piracy to buy "gray market" keys not intended for "activating windows" outside the country it was purchased in. I still think you did right to remove the link.
  4. it was not a guide to bypass copyright protection (windows 10 is free) it was a removal of watermark guide but i get why you did it.. keep us in check
  5. from what i have heard over the years g2a is a "gray-zone" when it comes to legality. Some keys are honest and some are bought with stolen credit cards. you relay don't need a key to use windows 10 ask Linus
  6. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-rename-multiple-files-bulk-windows-10#rename-files-using-command-prompt
  7. Rolled up the air conditioner from storage today.. It is my first summer folding i think i will need it i have had a nice warm spring in my apartment and i know summer will only get warmer.. "Everything is fine"
  8. Did you turn the PSU switch off? (i know it is a simple problem but i have done it)
  9. PC Dust Elimination - The Rugged, Manly Way
  10. Maby u can find a friend with a compressor and borrow it? Or buy a computer vacuum like this? https://topproducts.com/reviews/best-computer-vacuum.htm
  11. Remove the O.C and change the power plan and see if it cools down..
  12. Is it possible to change to a "dark mode" in boink manager on windows? The white is so bright..
  13. I use rx 5700 xt and have had no problems.. been running it at 100% for over two months (folding@home and BOINC) not a single problem..
  14. why does it work now!!!! I will never get hang of this thing.. *feels dumb*