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  1. 1 minute ago, SenKa said:



    thats what i get for being tired


    10 minutes ago, Spotty said:

    Yes, it's possible to use the same username & Passkey on multiple computers. Just put the same username, team ID, and passkey in the identity settings.


    Close the viewer. 10053 is an error when the viewer is stuck on the demo loop. Viewer doesn't work on the most recent Windows version of F@H so you may as well just close it unless you like looking at that demo loop.

    Howd you get out of the demo loop

  2. So far I have been an active folder for this teach for quite some time now (about 4 months now), but for some odd reason my active client count has been stuck at 6 for the past week and a stuck at 15 for a couple of days longer. Anyone know what is the cause of this? I've been folding proteins everyday to find a cure for the current covid-19 virus, and i know i have successfully completed more than 7 work units (my work units have been uploaded successfully as i checked advanced control).