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  1. thanks bro. oddly enough i saw my max temps went down from 72 to 60 lol
  2. my cpu has a m ax 6 physical cores, un less you mean the 12 logical cores ?
  3. Ok so I am using Ryzen 5 3600 with an rtx 2060 super (gigabyte wind force OC 2x) so for I am using a total of 9 cpu threads (out of my ryzen 5 12 threads) Is it normal this type of usage?
  4. So I gues ill leave it at that. Anyways while I was looking for answers, my laptop just fetched a cpu work unit. So thanks for the help guys! :D
  5. So far I have no problems running folding at home on my deskptop but my laptop has been attempting to get wu for the past 10 hours? I also happen to get error 10053 on my laptop. Anyway to fix this?
  6. So far I have been an active folder for this teach for quite some time now (about 4 months now), but for some odd reason my active client count has been stuck at 6 for the past week and a stuck at 15 for a couple of days longer. Anyone know what is the cause of this? I've been folding proteins everyday to find a cure for the current covid-19 virus, and i know i have successfully completed more than 7 work units (my work units have been uploaded successfully as i checked advanced control).
  7. Just registered for the LTTT forums just for this event. I currently have 2,483,111 points worth of WU for the LinusTechTips folding team! I'm also folding in both my ASUS ROG laptop and my personal gaming rig