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Posts posted by oz3bto

  1. 1 minute ago, Didarul Hossain Rafi said:

    I've now two option, either b450+3300x or 3600 with my existing a320 board. 

     Dont know the  b350 MB .. But if it runs 3600  then a 3300x  runs  on it too ? 

    I have R5 3600 @ X570 for  gaming rig  and 3 3300x  @b450  for work station  

  2. If you dont have a need for a laptop go for  stationary PC .. More bang for the buck ... 

    If something in a laptop dies  you are fu****.. EXPENSIVE  to fix .. And not all can be fixed

    If PC dies .. well  buy new part and fix it...  

  3. 15 hours ago, RG84 said:

    Looks good, how’s the case? I’ve been looking at some similar cases. I’ve got a 970 that’s still running great too.

    Well case is a bit bigger than expected but really easy to build in 
    The big fan in front is a bit loud .. But DAMT it can move some air  when it goes full power 
    Easy to fit liquid cooling.. Done in less than 5 min.. 

    My 970 is like .. really old.. Got it from my nephew 2 years ago.. And he had it  for some years too .. Got it when it was just released.. Still runs smooth´n cool (repaste  less than 3month ago)

    But this is not my "gamer" ..  Got a 5 3600 with better gfx    2 x m.2 .. 32gb ram  

  4. Had a need for a new PC for my workshop/mancave
    Daliy use is youtube/FB/Netflix  wasting time :P
    Light gaming (NFS or streaming steam games from my gamer)

    Ryzen 3 3300 
    Cooler Master ML240L (Maby overkill  but a lot of dust in the air)
    MSI B450m pro m.2 max
    Cosair  TX650 M
    Cosair  LPX 3200mhz 16gb (2x8)
    PNY NMWe m.2 250gb 
    500gb kingston SSD 
    2TB seagate barracuda 
    And my good old GTX 970 Strix

    All put in a Thermaltake core V21 

    Just waiting for one last thing .. Som Monster drink stickers :P LOVE the green light 





  5. 5 minutes ago, Jurrunio said:

    why not just throw the 1660ti in and upgrade the main machine?


    but there are no matching cards. 5500XT is 1650S level while 5600XT is 2060 level.

    Well ill check out  5500 and 5600XT  .. 

    I like my gamer just as it is.... If the AMD card works nice with no problems .. Next card for gamer  will be AMD

  6. I have a "slave" PC .. low workload but runs 24/7.. Now GPU died (Some old 2gb card)  wanna try new AMD in it .. 

    I my "gamer" i have a GTX 1660Ti .. If i go AMD in slavePC what card to buy to match the GTX card ?

    Slave PC is used for light gaming .. Old driving games NFS and CS:GO  so no need for highpower .. Cheap but as good as my 1660Ti 

  7. Like Boggy .. Forget asus .. Buy MSI .. 

    I have a x570 A pro MB and R5 3600 + gtx 1660Ti .. Runs nice..
    Have tried with  MSI b450m pro m.2 max .. Same fps in CS:Go  and same score in tomb raider and cinebench 

    If you go for MSI  go for a "MAX" MB .. All "max" will run 3. gen ryzen  without update bios... 

  8. 2 hours ago, Lord Vile said:

    You clean them the same way, to do it properly you still need to remove the part which is actually harder to do with a rad. 

    With aircooler  ill have to take  it all of the CPU to get it real clean .. Been there done that a lot 

    Rad is like 4-6 screws .. Flip it out of kabinet  an blow it .. 

    Have cosair water coolin in other machine .. Easy to clean 

  9. On 5/31/2020 at 11:58 AM, Lord Vile said:

    The r5 doesn't run that hot and there's little point overclocking them as they don't really go that much higher, wouldn't a LP cooler from noctua be a better option? 

    air cooling  is no go.. PC will be i my "Man cage" .. Part garage (2 strokes) part  woodworkshop and  gaming room .. A lot of dust in the air 

    And i can get  this aio is cheap .. (Local store  closing 50+% off.. Got two of them ..)

    With the wrait cooler it comes with .. It runs hot as hell when workload is 75%


  10. 1 minute ago, TofuHaroto said:

    Well yes but  spending money on a cooler that costs almost 100 bucks rather than spending those 100 bucks for a better PSU or a better GPU  is not smart lmao

    Cheapest AIO i can get here ... 

    Its a small bulid that have to run 24/7  sometimes  with full load.. So a overkill aio is all OK 


  11. 8 minutes ago, TofuHaroto said:

    Ehh I think it's a little over kill 

    "Some oc" is very vague but an oc on ryzen chips doesn't bring a big performance benifits 

    Just enable pbo and you will be fine 

    If you want an aftermarket cooler 

    Maybe an nhu12s is pretty good

    But a 240 aio is pretty overkill

    Overkill is fine :P


  12. Well  right now they are making 5G mobile net  on mount  Everest .. in 17500ft   19000ft and 20500ft so there can be high speed internet... 

    Enjoy the hike :P

    Illl just stay at home :D :D