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  1. This thing was purchased on march 12, its not even a month old. It most likely had some kind of defect in the pump because i was always able to hear a faint clicking noise (like something is hitting the impeler). The new one is absolutely silent, all i hear is the fans now.
  2. Today is not a good day. My pump decided 20 days of usage was too much for it and decided to kick the bucket. Major pain in the ass to get it swaped with the current lockdowns in place... but we're back in the fold.
  3. What else would you use to search? It probably bugged out, doesnt matter its fine
  4. I couldnt find it. Closed the file, opened it again, worked. No idea, but nevermind i guess.
  5. Good question. That thing will go pop sooner later at those temps.
  6. Are you using that gpu inside a sealed off oven? 90C for a 2070 is hot af. Mine folds at 55-60, depending on the WU, overclocked.
  7. Right click the gpu slot, pause and unpause it. Do that every once in a while if its stuck idle for a long period. Keep in mind there isnt enough work for everyone these days, so its normal if a slot sits idle like this for a while.
  8. My 3700x at 100% usage sits at 65C, but i have a H115i so i dont think its fair to compare.
  9. Sounds like something isnt right, especially at only half usage
  10. Not specifically, COVID WUs are prioritized but you cant force the client to take them.
  11. Now that is some chonky boy . 7hrs on a 3700x, probably the largest i got so far.
  12. Im working from home so i pretty much babysit the client. It finally picked up a GPU WU, after some 5 hours of nothing.