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  1. did the LTT TEAM ever get their work unit server up and running for the folding project? whats the status on that ????
  2. Project: 11742 (Run 0, Clone 1142, Gen Project: 11745 (Run 0, Clone 1328, Gen 11) Project: 11747 (Run 0, Clone 7546, Gen 1) Project: 11760 (Run 0, Clone 4626, Gen 2) the clone wars have begun
  3. so once we make the plans. we simulate blasting it with different Fighters right? X-wings vs B-wings? vs TiE fighters? and see what works best ? is that in star wars terms what we are doing right?
  4. So correct me if im wrong, what i gather by watching the video is that we used our leet machines to find a weakspot in the covid virus ? did we find plans to the death star?
  5. just got a work unit. project 11757 ... not on the website yet, probably means its a rush order -=)
  6. Doctors everywhere: we have so much work we would need super computers everywhere to help to get it done in under a year LTT team : fire up your 2080s and lets go boys ~48 hours later ~ everyone: yall got any more of those work units ? trying to get half million points for that steam key.....
  7. LTT: i need your gpu to fight the corona virus everyone : and you shall have it.