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  1. Just wondering if anyone knew? So what i mean by this, is a blower fan sucks air in the circular front of the fan, then blows it out the side, perpendicular the the intake. I was wondering if anyone knew if it would work in reverse? So you intake air from the side and then the air is exhausted from the circular fan?
  2. I would probably get the Fractal Design case out of the two, i don't think the corsair case is particularly good looking from a design perspective.
  3. This is going to sound crazy, and im aware of the dangers. But if they replaced the projector with some sort of laser formed from around 1000x1000 pixels, then if the laser was low intensity, it wouldnt damage your eye and wouldn't have a focusing issue? Crazy i know, but just seems almost possible with my limited knowledge of physics lol.
  4. yeah i agree. Would be cool if a company could make a monitor with this technology or something. If it's possible, that is.
  5. so a projector uses a convex lens right (with a bunch of other ones before that too). So if you replaced the convex lens with a concave lens, then the image would go from 'big to small' and therefore at the right distance, it could theoretically focus onto the retina.
  6. Does anyone make pre-made hardline water cooling tubes? If not, why?
  7. So if you lowered the light intensity and stood at the exact distance, the image would be visible?
  8. A VRD is an actual thing that isn't an apple marketing ploy. I mis-spelt the acronym, its Virtual Retinal Display Wiki Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_retinal_display
  9. Does anyone know if it is possible to project an image from a phone into the eye directly? Kind of like a Virtual Retina Display but actually works long distance. And can someone explain why if you hypothetically looked into the lens of a portable projector, you can't see an image.
  10. If case manufacturers made cases that came with 1 or 2 SSDs included, would that stop people from buying HDDs
  11. Hi, was interested to know whether you think Hard drive are still important in a gaming rig? Thanks!
  12. Hi, I want to host a poll. What orientation is your PC case when you put your motherboard in? Doing some research for a school project. Thanks!!
  13. I'll try and make a poll now. What do you think would be the names for the two answers in the poll, because the way i asked it before seems to have brought a lot of confusion to what i mean.
  14. Do you put your motherboard in like Anthony or like Linus? Thanks!