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  1. There are pcie risers that send the pcie protocol through usb interfaces so that you can route it with usb cables. They are normally used for mining but should provide enough bandwidth for HDDs depending on how many your adding. Not sure if they will fit in the slot, but they could help with cable management. For it to fit in the slot you may need to put the GPU on a riser as well, although if you are using the gpu for gaming then this kind of riser will not work for your GPU. This is what they normally look like: https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16812423197?Description=pcie riser&cm_re=pcie_riser-_-12-423-197-_-Product and this was the lowest profile one I could find: https://www.newegg.com/en-labs-1ft-riser-cable/p/1W7-005X-00038?Description=pcie riser&cm_re=pcie_riser-_-9SIACJF7729688-_-Product Please know that these are not using the USB protocol and are not compatible with regular USB.
  2. sorry, I should have highlighted "Allow downloads while streaming" as well.
  3. if you go to Steam -> Settings. you should be able to set your preferences in the downloads section.
  4. If you bound your mouse buttons to WASD and E for movement and inventory you should be able to play by using your thumb for those actions. Everything else can be done by mouse even if it takes a bit longer. You might need to play without hostiles because moving and shooting would be hard even with other keys bound to the mouse (space for fire). In any case Factorio is amazing and I wish you the best.
  5. Hello, I was wondering if someone might know whats going on with my motherboard and how to fix it. I got a Gigabyte GA-H87N-WiFi (rev. 1.1) used on craigslist for cheep because it had a few bent pins. I was able to bend the pins back using a dental pick under a magnifying glass. However it is not posting and when I turn it on and the cpu and chassis fans turn on and off together every few seconds. I have tried a known good stick of ram in each dimm slot and am using a known good cpu, psu, and monitor. with nothing else plugged in. I knew I might be eating the cost when I bought it but thought I would check here before throwing it out. One of the pins was bent under another pin and I suspect it might be the problem as it is still slightly twisted so the pad on the cpu would only make contact with the edge of the pin instead of the full surface of the pin head. Thanks in advance :)
  6. Hello, I am currently planing on attending LTX 2020 and the BYOC (I already got a ticket). I am still on the fence between flying or driving from WI and was wondering if anyone would want to carpool and possibly get a hotel together. It is basically a straight shot over to WA on I-94 for me if someone wants to be picked up or pick me up on the way. If we use my car, I have a Honda Fit that gets great millage and could fit 2 or 3 passengers depending on how much luggage we have (at 6ft I can fit comfortably in the back). Whether I fly or drive I will still have to drive as far as the Twin Cities in MN, so definitely hit me up if your in that area as well. Totally open to questions, thoughts, and ideas at this point.
  7. Anyone know the rules for sleeping in your car at the lot of the event center? some places here in the US don't allow it. Otherwise truck stops are usually ok with it and they have showers you can use for a few bucks.
  8. Ship it, or take the most valuable components in your suit case. Renting a car and driving back would even be cheaper then building a new one with the same specs.
  9. Quick update: My driver is up to date and my temps look good after returning to the desktop from about 30min of 7d2d on the medium preset. I'm still going to install monitoring software and do a stress test just to see if it reveals something but I'm not sure what else I can check.
  10. I will definitely do that first. Thank you! ?
  11. I am using the Nvidia version of POP OS, so my understanding is that it should already have them and that they should have automatically updated when I updated everything else. but I have not verified any of this.
  12. Hello, first post on here so let me know if I mess it up. I am currently putting together a small form factor scrapyard PC for LTX 2020 BYOC. At this point I am running an i5-4570 and a GTX 1050 2GB with POP OS! My problem is that whenever I try to run something that goes beyond bare minimum GPU usage, I will start to get an occasional blackout (screen goes blank) for 1-2 seconds before everything returns to normal. CS:GO on medium settings is about where I start to see this behavior, games that hardly use the GPU such as Star Craft 2 run fine. My thought at this point is that my Craigslist GPU is either bad or overheating. I am going to try installing GPU monitoring software tonight and maybe replace the TIM and/or under clock it this weekend. but I was wondering if you guys had any other ideas as I don't really want to under clock a GTX 1050. Thanks in advance! ?