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  1. Nevermind, it's back for some reason. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Nothing yellow, not sure if anything is missing but there are many WAN Miniports and Ethernet.
  3. Already did and now it's normal again. I got the drivers from Driver Easy.
  4. So I was updating some audio drivers, and since then my audio has been acting weird. When my headphones are connected, the system doesn't recognize them, but both built-in speakers (on my laptop) and headphones get audio output. What's happening and how can I fix this issue? Some Details: Laptop: Alpha 15 Audio Driver Manufacturer: Realtek and Nahimic SOLVED: I rollbacked the audio driver and now it's normal againg.
  5. The laptop is Alpha 15 A3DD. So I shouldn't disable it?
  6. I wanted to disable my integrated graphics, because I just want to use my discrete graphics card (RX 5500M). Should I?
  7. It's the MSI Alpha 15, gaming laptop, kinda bit thin.
  8. I changed a few stuff and it still doesn't allow me. What should I change?
  9. Why is Afterburner not letting me change anything?
  10. I just checked this folder, I have an RX 5500M and I have updated it multiple times. I'm not sure if these other folders are supposed to be here. Is everything alright as it is?
  11. I haven't had it for weeks anymore, probably because I updated BIOS.
  12. I want to get started making music but I don't know which software to use. Is there any good software to make music for free?
  13. i'd recommend G935, great for the price and great sound. Has an equalizer so you can change for music and gaming.