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  1. Is 500 watt good for r5 1600, rx Radeon 480, hdd 500gb, gigabyte b450m bs3h, m.2 ssd, and two fans?
  2. I have a rx Radeon 480 and when I play games it the gpu usage jumps up and down, is that normal? I also noticed that my FPS has dropped, please help, idk what to do, all I know is that before when I played fortnite I used to get like 200 FPS top and now when I load a match it goes down, even to 60 and then goes back up idk what’s going on
  3. Ok! I didn’t move neither touch any setting on msi afterburner, other than the fan speed, Bc when I put it on auto, the fans turn off, even on high end games, which causes to over heat for what I have known, this happened two days ago, so since then I just manually change the speed, if I’m playing high demanding games I put it to 90, 100 fans speed and it keeps it to what the after burner says 56-70 degrees. I was worried that it could be that the sensor was broken and it was giving me wrong degrees, but about what you guys told me from our body heat I guess it’s fine if it’s at those temperatures, if you guys can help me on what to do to let it run automatically and fans work normally please let me know
  4. What are good temperatures for a gpu? I open msi afterburner and it says (when I play games, ex: gta five) that it reaches at 65c is that good? Bc when I touch the gpu feels hot
  5. I have a AMD ryzen 5 1600 and a Radeon RX 480, and it sometimes gets too hot, how can I check the temperatures? If I need a program, which one?
  6. I just built a new pc! And when I turn it on everything works fine, i was curious to see the task manager and I noticed that the gpu stuff wasn’t showing, like the % usage and stuff, idk if it’s important or not or if I should worry, the gpu obviously works bc I have a ryzen 5 1600 and my monitor is connected to the gpu and I get stuff showing on the screen like windows etc
  7. So what do you guys think I should do? Keep the windows or reset it? I wanna mention the fact that I currently have no internet connected to it, so idk if I could log the dudes info out and install mine, it does give me the option to sign in my Microsoft acc, but I haven’t been able, I currently have another topic going on, on what WiFi card to buy, bc when I use the Ethernet, it says “‘Ethernet 3’ doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” which idk what to do with.
  8. My gpu is covering the main one that is installed, and the pcie x1 the only one kinda visible is the last one as showed in the image, what I mean by kinda is bc the my fans from the gpu facing there obviously, and bc of the space I’m worried that there won’t be enough airflow for it, or if the case came that I was able to install a WiFi card there, it could get too hot
  9. Lol I want to do that as well but I can’t use it, it says something like “settings can’t be changed due to your administrator
  10. Ok I wanna thank you for the feedback, so #1 I am as surprised as you are, but there is no water mark saying “activate windows” and he didn’t wipe his info, some of the apps were there, it seems that he was a person who tested systems since there was nothing of personal info other than his name and windows acc connected to it. And how can I delete the window and install the same windows but factory, like I make my acc and everything? Bc when I turn on the computer, it directly goes to windows and it says “Greg” no password no nothing and it puts me to the desktop, even when I put the pen drive with the windows installer in that drive
  11. I want to do it via pcie slot but my gpu is covering the pcie x1 slot, I have a gigabyte b450m ds3h
  12. So I recently build a pc for myself, everything was new except a m.2 ssd that I bought of eBay, I didn’t know it came with Windows, I thought I was gonna install it, so I want to delete the windows from the ssd and install the same windows 10 on the ssd, bc the windows that the ssd has doesn’t let me do stuff bc of the older owner stuff are kinda in there
  13. I’d say a USB port would the best? Bc I don’t have space for a pcie slot since my gpu is covering it, my WiFi is like 15 feet away from my pc, in another room with the doors on the way ofc. I’m looking for a usb connector, that is fast and good for the price, thanks for the info tho!
  14. Hello! After building my first ever pc, everything worked fine! But I can’t connect it to internet, since my internet is in another room, I can’t access it via Ethernet cable. Do you guys have any suggestions to what to buy? Like what kind of WiFi adapter is the best?
  15. Gotcha, I have seeing videos that ppl use this motherboard with a 2600, but I might stay with the 1600 for a while, thanks for the feedback!
  16. What do you think of the gigabyte b450m ds3h? Is this motherboard good too?
  17. ok! Is it the Asrock? If so, Yeah I looked it, and everything seems good!
  18. I’m looking for a motherboard that can support a ryzen 5 1600. 3200mhz of hyperz ddr4 ramsticks. A 500gb hard drive, and a m.2 ssd. With a 500 psu. And a msi Radeon rx480 4gb. I don’t care about overclocking, or anything like that. I just want a good motherboard that can support all of those features.
  19. Thank you, hoping I get my ram sticks, and everything works fine. Have a good one
  20. What I think would be a good way to save money is if you buy off eBay, if you think about it, you can find a good quality budge gpu, that could perform good. And cost you so much less than that price point. I build a pc with Radeon rx480, and it cost me 65 bucks for the gpu, working just as fine. If third party isn’t for you, you can try by buying a rx 580, like savageNeo mentioned, or a gtx 1660, which is 30 dollars more over the price point you put at, but I heard is a good budge gpu, that performs well. Also, take in mind that if neither of the gpus mentioned you like, you can look up in YouTube a gpu that you may have in mind, but don’t know if it will perform well, and you will see the specs in different games. It’s a good way to see what kind of performance you wanna get out of it.