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  1. A Triton 500. I was just curious what other people seem to have found with power limits, as after repasting I get 66C after 20 min of cinebench r20, running 80w pl2 and 60w pl1 on a 9750h CPU which defaulted to 70w pl2 and 45w pl1
  2. For those with power limit throttling... What is the general consensus on using Intel xtu or throttle stop to just max pl1 and pl2 or disable pl2 altogether? What's the go-to? I've found mixed results and wanted some better opinions from you guys on what the best practice is. Just go unlimited until limited by thermals or current? Or is there a recommended cap to apply and tweak the rest via undervolting?
  3. "Fujitsu has announced a new technology called Virtual Integrated File System that it says could help magnetic tape storage compete with hard disk drives as a low-cost, large capacity storage alternative... This iteration will deliver capacities up to 26.1TB (uncompressed) and raw throughput of up to 708MB/sec." It's essentially RAID for magnetic tape storage, which could be a cheaper and faster alternative to large capacity hard drives. Original link: https://www.techradar.com/news/tape-could-replace-hard-drives-in-some-cases-thanks-to-this-breakthrough
  4. This was posted by a fairly reputable member of the PCMR reddit community detailing their efforts to get a warranty replacement from gigabyte for a motherboard with an exploded cap. Their efforts were met with gigabyte refusing to make a warranty replacement because they claim they had not received the motherboard after having legally signed for the package which USPS had in their manifest records. "TLDR: Gigabyte's horrible customer service leads to an investigation by the Bureau of Consumer Protection after they refuse to replace a motherboard, they "aren't in physical possession of" even with proof from USPS that Gigabyte signed for it." Total story can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/fgz4he/serious_complaint_about_gigabytes_criminal_rma/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share