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  1. I totally agree. even if they find a cure to the virus right now , just companies getting back up on their feet will take a while and prices will still be high... Well I guess I have to act quickly and get this rig going before they shut down online shipping.
  2. yea I'm gonna get the 3600 instead and the 1660 super has a decent deal I saw it for 260$ , I think I might get this one , the 5600 xt is 320$ and the 5700 is 350$. Is it worth 60$ from 1660S to 5600 xt? I saw that the performance difference is around 10 to 15 fps. I'm going for 1080p high graphics gaming. I just wanted to finish my college year and start building the rig but I'm afraid things might get much worse and they would start canceling online shipping which is a high possibility right now...
  3. So I just saved enough money to build my first gaming rig, I've been gaming on a freakin laptop for a while now (5 years...) I saved up 1300$ and I was ready to build a beast of a computer... Then Mr Covid came and ruined everything, prices sky rocketed, the build that I was thinking about was gonna cost 1200$ now it's 1600$ in my country which is kinda sad... A friend told me I should get everything high end like high end cpu motherboard and ram and then get either a used or a cheap gpu (since those got affected the most) and wait for next Gen next year. What do you guys think? Should I get a low end 200$ gpu or get an over priced 370$ rtx 2060( the cheapest one I could find)? Like I'm wondering will this get worse or get resolved by fall when they're planning to release the next line of gpus
  4. Yup I just checked it does have it, it just Confused me because the headsets are compatible with ps4 Xbox and mobile so I thought the mic+headphone port is only compatible with these platforms and pc would need the splitter for both to work. Thanks for the help.
  5. Hello everyone. This might be a stupid question but here we go. I bought this laptop recently and it has only 1 audio jack, I'm trying to buy a headset with a mic on it that has only 1 plug-in but comes with an adapter (splitter mic/audio) for pc and laptop so the mic and headphones work. Will the headsets work with the 1 audio jack I have on my laptop or do I have to get a USB headset? Edit : I saw on the laptop an icon of headphones and mic on the plug-in so it should work right? I'm wondering cause the headsets I bought is kinda old, it was made in 2017.
  6. if you could actually somehow push ur budget to get the 5700 xt u will get the greatest experience cause its close to 2070 super performance which is really good. 2060 is good but the 5700 out performs it , even the 5600 xt out performs it by a bit. But nvidia has got this thing with DLSS 2.0 that might become a really good selling point for nvidia , its literally increasing performance and image quality at the same time , its black magic. But many few games are supported for now so this thing will take a year or so to become mainstream on new video games.
  7. Holy shit 1650 super is 210$??? wow I'd say just wait for prices to get fixed after corona virus shit is done , cause 220$ was the price of the 1660 super which performs like 40% better than the 1650 super...
  8. Aaah I see , interesting , I'm also asking because im having software issues with the display drivers with the APU cause its AMD . black screen flickering sometimes idk why , when I pause videos and go to another tap then I come back to them the screen turns green on the video for some reason till I unpause them. I tried updating the driver and it does fix the issues but my God for some reason it hits performance heavily. I just feel the laptop becoming so slower I have no clue why....
  9. Hi. this might be a bit of a stupid question. I got a "gaming" laptop a couple of months ago that has an APU and a dedicated GPU and I realized the display is running on the APU , I know in games the graphics are running on the dedicated GPU. So my question is what does switching the display to the dedicated GPU do? cause I noticed windows switched to the dedicated GPU while i was updating my display driver for the APU. Would it help performance in any way?
  10. What's the price difference between both in your country ? because if it is around 20-40$ get the super , its worth it , it gives around 15% more performance.
  11. Trust me the difference between the 1660 and the 1660 super is around 10-20 fps on average, I've done a lot of research cause I was in the market recently for a gpu at that price point. And it defiantly justifies the 20-30$ more for the 1660 super
  12. True , it's not a Ryzen because if it is that would've affected performance insanely , My bad
  13. Ram has to be same speed or faster , cause if u get lower speed ur mother board will lower the speed of ur existing ram and use the slower speed to match both. Same latency for sure, I've read online that mixing brands is fine and won't have issues most of the time , I have put a stick of 8 gb ram in my laptop from Crucial while the existing stick was Samsung and it works great 0 issues so far(done it 2 months ago) so maybe do some research online to make sure. same capacity is also a must
  14. The Ryzen 7 2700x is the best budget option for multi-tasking thanks to its 8 cores 16 threads , comes with literally the best stock cooler u can find so u really don't need to buy an aftermarket cooler. but considering ur budget , look into the Ryzen 5 1600 AF ( make sure it's AF cause it's much better than non AF) here it's going for 90$ so Idk how much will it be in ur country but should be really affordable. It has the same performance as a Ryzen 5 2600 which is a great processor. For the SSD it is possible sometimes that NVME is cheaper than SSD because cheap old mother boards don't have NVME slots so people tend to buy SSD more so theres more demand, (also NVME isn't THAT much faster as far as I can tell but if its cheaper than SSD get it for sure). GPU if u want to game on decent settings the rx 480 will suffer really hard , if u can find a good deal for a gtx 1080 u will have a much much greater time. Edit: if u want a great new budget gpu there's the 1650 super , its a really decent gpu and it's 160$ over here. But ofc the 1080 will get u like 20 fps more on avarage so yea...
  15. Oh are factories really coming back online? that's some GREAT news if so , cause from what I can tell China is kinda controlling the situation and like literally 90% of factories are there so we might have some hopes if they are getting back online , shipping is truly the issue now , hopefully it will be all resolved I really really wanted my gaming rig to enjoy this summer before I go to med school