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  1. I could have sworn that win 7 pro could. But this makes sense. Thank you
  2. I'm having a strange issue that i'm hoping the LTT community can help me with. I have a client that needs to work from home, so we setup an openVPN to get her into the network. She has an HP 14-dq0011dx laptop and an AOC e1659fwu secondary monitor. I've set up her connection to her office computer over MSTSC. The "Use all my monitors for the remote session" button is selected. However once she connects and authenticates it will only display on one screen. Also made sure the slider for full screen is all the way to the right. I have ran all windows updates and get the latest drivers for the AOC monitor since its a USB monitor. Even had her plug the laptop into her TV over HDMI and the same thing happens, still just shows up on one screen. From command line i've tried mstsc.exe /multimon with no luck. I've pretty much ran out of ideas on this. Any ideas of things to try or any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Edit: her computer is windows 10 home and the computer she is remoting into is windows 7 Pro. (i know it needs to go)
  3. Does anyone know if there are any issues with SSH in catalina? I decided to breath some new life into my mac mini server mid 2011. Using dosdudes catalina patcher. Everything seems to work fine except I am unable to SSH into the box. I'm getting connection refused from other boxes on my network. The strange thing is I am able to SSH from the mini itself using localhost Remote login is ticked on and firewall is disabled to rule that out. It seems something is still blocking incoming connections. An nmap scan also does not see any open ports on the box. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks