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  1. If you are looking for formal university-level computer science classes, MIT has some of their classes available for free online. https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/find-by-topic/#cat=engineering&subcat=computerscience They have recorded in-class lectures, as well as lecture notes and homework/assignments you can try. This course in introductory computer science with Python looks like it might be a good fit.
  2. I am having an issue with my laptop lately, where it won't wake up from sleep. It is plugged into a dock, so no battery issues there. It doesn't matter if I touch the mouse, touchpad, or keyboard, or even press the power button. The only way to start the laptop is to hold the power button to force shutdown, and restart it. This usually only happens when the laptop has been asleep for a while. Right when I put it to sleep, it will wake up again, but not the next morning. Also, this also happens when it is not docked, so I doubt the dock is the issue. Any fixes? I can't keep shutting down my laptop each time I leave for a short while!
  3. I recently installed Ubuntu on a Thunderbolt external drive, planning to dual-boot my laptop. However, I am having some weird issues with booting into the Linux partition on the drive. The only method I have found that works is to "boot from external device" from within Windows, and choose to boot from the Thunderbolt drive. Every other method has a different result. If I restart from within Windows, my laptop starts GRUB, but freezes. It doesn't let me choose to boot to Ubuntu or Windows, and even though it says it will auto-start in 10 seconds, it will NEVER start. If I shut down my laptop from within Windows, I have no option whatsoever to boot into Linux, even in the F12 boot menu. I am wondering if this issue is because my BIOS doesn't support booting from Thunderbolt, but I don't think I can fix this, as there haven't been updates to the BIOS for my laptop in a while. Other than that, what could be the reason for these weird boot issues, and is there any way I can boot directly into Ubuntu without going through Windows?
  4. The diagram marks where the IO shield is in the top right. Just orient your motherboard so the IO matches the diagram.
  5. It's currently $150 on Amazon
  6. I'm looking to buy external storage for my laptop, and I want to boot a Linux distro off of it, so I want it to be fast. I've looked into NVMe SSDs, which will cost about $250 for a drive+ Thunderbolt 3 enclosure (I have an extra thunderbolt 3 port), and SATA ones which would cost closer to $130 for the drive+ USB 3.1 Gen 2 enclosure. My question is if I would notice a difference between the speeds of the drives. The NVME+Thunderbolt is much faster, but will the SATA drive be fast enough that I won't notice much difference? I would spend the extra $120 for a noticeable speed gain, but I want to know if I will notice the difference, especially since I will be using it externally, which will slow it down.