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    The Netherlands
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    I am Painter, The once that Paint Window Frames, Doors exc..


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    Ryzen 7 3700x
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    Asus ROG Strix Gaming E x570
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    2x VENGEANCE® LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3600MHz C18 AMD Ryzen Memory Kit
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    Gigabyte Aorus 1080 Ti 11G
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    Fractal Design Meshify S2 White
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    Crucial MX300 525GB M.2 SSD
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    Corsair RM750x 750W Modulair
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    CPU: BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 4
    Case: 3x Fractal design Prisma AL-14 PWM
    Case: 2x EK-Furious Vardar FF4-140 (2500rpm)
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    Ducky Shne 7 MX Speed / Silver
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    Logitech G903
    Logitech Powerplay Wireless Charging System
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    Logitech z5500
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

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  1. from what i remember x-flow was bad right ? i am looking for 360's more thant that the case cant carry
  2. hey guys , another quesion i can not find on the net easy i am looking for radiator 360, for my o11d with silent operation for most cases, if it is possible with performance when needed, probaly can't have both but there are so many, from the past i know black ice is good type of rad. i never had them but people talked about koolance and black ice but there are more brands now and what once are good also hwlabs have black ice and black ice nemesis what is the difrents in those ? and why is ek rated lower than hwlabs for watercooling, i want a trustable brand, with good performance, hwlabs use copper fins but what about their water pipes, where ek uses alu fins and copper pipes if i am correct
  3. so i have to connect the fan to pc again and see if 3rd leg give a signal on multimeter i hope there are silent fans with locked rotor ok i tested it on a adapter i don't know ehre the resistance come from, but if i touch it it jumps to 13v while it is not even powered and as you see it shows a lil signal probaly of 0.05v dont know if the multimeter is broken or not, when i have it wired up as this is shows some voltage even if not powered here is a short video how not to do it but heck https://files.catbox.moe/i8m20m.mp4 but this doesn't explain why i get fan fail if i don't connect that pin, i readed on a page to connect the pin from the board to ground but that didn't work, i got fan fail, but i don't see any readings when it spins up unless it is so fast that multimeter don't show it maby i do the measuring wrong i don't know
  4. i checked one of these ups fans in pc, it dont read rpm but it do work, so i guess rpm wont work ? 20200531_123854.mp4
  5. i tried out powering on by using both power lines connected to the adapter of 12v4a but nothing happends , no audio still so something is still turned off i guess by chip you mean the ta8270h? kind of lost what you explained cut the trace, and put a switch between that trace ? isn't that the same as put a switch on pin 4 without cutting the trace? i have to connect Conector A and B together to same adapter , connect the grount of adapter to the mute pin 4 if i understand correctly ? and i know 12v aint enough to full power the amp , but i use a adapter of 12v 4ah the speakers CB or well LF Bass are 15w 8ohm each SR/SL are 10w 8ohm each
  6. Guess i just remove the amp transistor and use that, sadly i wont be enjoy the probaly balanced audio of the board There some youtubes how to use and connect these transistor amps
  7. Dupplicate post deleted, damn mobile
  8. So it need 2x 12v B is 12v says on the psu So a is 12v to ? I need to connect those 2 together to power it up arduino ,well i have a teensy witch i use for argb but i am not pro in config it As you can see where the amp was connected to ,the large2 pin conn on bottom right side of front
  9. This was that tv that stopped working Also the amp is visible i k ow that the chip on heatsink is the amp , its a ta8270h
  10. i forgot to mention that, those empty conectors are indeed speaker output, left/right and middle connector is left and right bass i have the speakers here, it is like a sound bar that i took appart from the tv the thing is i try to find out if i can ge sound out of this board, but it have those hard wired connectors on the left side and a 3 pin in the middle, i tried to power it up, but no sound when i connect a 3.5" to that 3 pin conector, i don't hope this amp is like a car amp and use a remote to turn on, since it have no leds or anything i don't know if it actualy turns on eitherso i am hoping to find someone that can help me with this
  11. hey guys i disambled a old plasma tv and came across this audio board, now i have a question who is this tech tha can tell me where audio input is,
  12. hey guys, what do yu think about the dutch faimos radio dj jensen ? anyone ever seen his latest youtube videos? about the ******* ? what are youre thaughts about that? it is dutch but probaly have eng subs i wonder if what he says is all fake and maked up or not https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jensens+show
  13. if i knew how, and where i could solder that resistor to trick it i would be happy, bcuz, this ups use 2 of those fans in a air duct i ahve been looking for support on this mather, eaton won't say, i asked noctua to they said maybe the "NF A8 FLX" or "NF-A8 FLX" also , it is not that one i have " AL" not "EL" i tried 2 of these https://www.arctic.ac/eu_en/f8-silent.html
  14. hey guys i have a eaton 9px3000irt3u ups, i bought it 2nd hand, what i didnt know was how loud it was with the fans inside, i tried replacing the fans to quiet once, they do spin up fine but the ups gives fan alarm and wont turn on the groups, do anyone know how to trick the ups and replace fans to quiet fans ? i dont know how these kind of fans work or how it monitors the fans, it probaly is power draw somepeople say to me because a ups dont read rpm but it uses a 3 pin fan conector these fans are inside but there is no doc or something abotu the fans so it is quite difficult to find out how these fans work
  15. humm , 2nd day, i put pc in slee, i wake it up with pwr btn , it starts up as it is a fresh restart, but it wont get past windows logo, no loading activity, i have to reboot pc in order to get wondows loaded, in event manager i don't see anything strange after i put it to sleep, weel some errors thoguh before it gone to sleep , here 2 log files maby someone can identify what is wrong and help me out app 1.evtx system 1.evtx