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  1. So umm, I ended up ordering the Viper Mini. Low weight without holes, good cable, one of the top sensors, safer shape, should fit my hand well, low latency, and RGB (that I’m probably gonna turn off lol). Seems like I won’t be disappointed. Will add my feedback later
  2. I might just go with the Razer Viper Mini actually
  3. Hand size : 19, 9.5 (cm) Claw grip Right handed Both mice check all of my requirements, but I still want to find the best of the two for me. The MM710 seems like it should fit my hand well because of its hump, which should compliment my claw grip. The Viper is more expensive, but I might be willing to pay for better build quality, lower response time, etc.. and its shape also looks good. Which would fit my hands better? Are the build quality concerns on the MM710 threatening, and are the holes annoying/uncomfortable? Are the 4ms on the MM710 note-worthy? And which should I get?
  4. I posted earlier that my laptop only has 2 ram slots with one being soldiered into the motherboard (4gb).
  5. Seems fine for now. Will update if I notice any instabilities. Ty!
  6. For now at least, I don’t think I’m gonna do that. I’m currently getting much better fps than before (on the latest drivers).
  7. Yup, I'm dumb.. When I try to open the Radeon software it says "Radeon Software and Driver versions do not match". So I think I figured it out. last time I was updating the driver, I went to check for Windows updates, which I think then thought that I didn't have display drivers and installed a different version (causing the sudden flicker). Checked the driver version in windows, and its from 22/7/2019.
  8. So, was using my laptop, then suddenly the screen flickered (turned off and back on) and for some reason the display drivers for my Ryzen 3 3200U stopped working. Was going to reinstall it, but out of curiosity decided to launch my favorite game, Overwatch, and I saw a noticeable increase in fps! I think that is because the Radeon software had a lot of "bloatware" that I don't need anyways, well, except one thing. I mostly play Esport titles, and for Overwatch, I dropped the render scale in-game and increased the sharpness in the radeon software, and it worked quite well. Now, I have to 3 questions : 1) Am I missing much without the drivers? 2) Is there a way to increase sharpness in windows 10? 3) Since the drivers are still technically on my laptop, should I use DDU to fully uninstall them?
  9. Since you know "that one" (lmao), will removing the back panel and changing ram void the warranty?
  10. The difference in price between 8gb and 16gb is ~$30. Is it worth it? And will the big difference in capacity have any negative effects?
  11. yeah, either way, I just discovered that, on my laptop (Asus Vivobook 15 M509DA), there is only one ram slot, the other one is soldiered into the mobo.. so I'm gonna add 8gb at the same 2400mhz anyways.