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  1. Hey guys, The RMA team told me at first that the board had no faults but ended up sending me a brand new board anyway. builds done and it's running like a dream. Thanks for all your help, guys. I really appreciate it!!
  2. Thanks for the reply Yeah those are the pins I tried to jump the motherboard with. I'm just using the power supply as it came out of the box. I can't find anyhting online that the PSU wouldn't power certain boards or anything like that so I'm so confused on what to try when the motherboard eventually arrives back here.
  3. Yeah, tried to jump the board with a screw driver. Regardless, the PSU won't power on when connected. Just to clarify, when testing the power supply to the board, I'm plugging in the 24 pin and the 8 pin connecters while the cpu is in. trying again without the cpu and with/without the 8 pin. Then again with just the mnotherboard and a case fan. In all cases the PSU doesn't power on
  4. Yeah, unplugged everything from the motherboard and used a paperclip to start the PSU and it worked fine (as in the fan turn on) and its in the computer im using now working fine but when plugged in to the X570 the fan doesnt turn on. Tried connecting an RGB case fan to the mother while the PSU was hooked up to it, no lights, no fans, no nothing
  5. OK, I'll try the ram in the intel build. I feel like I should mention again that the power supply won't power on when connected to the X570 board but will power on with the B360 and with the paperclip test and that the X570 has been sent away to be tested and came back that the board has no issues
  6. You're saying try the new RAM on my intel board? It's g.skill flarex and i believe its built specifically for AMD boards
  7. Hey guysI just bought a bunch of new components and couldn't get the build to power on. I put everything together and couldn't get anything to power on, the PSU wouldn't even turn on when connected to the motherboard but would power on with the paperclip test. I couldn't jump the motherboard, tried different ram seatings, 1 stick of ram in different seatings, checked GPU on my old motherboard and double-checked PSU at the same time, made sure fans weren't shorting the motherboard. The only things I couldn't check individually were the RAM and CPU as my previous board is an intel B360 Gaming Plus board and only supports up to 2666mhz. I've returned the board and their testing team has said they couldn't replicate the fault and that the board has no issues.The components I bought wereGigabyte X570 gaming + motherboardAMD ryzen 7 3800x CPU16gb DDR4 FlareX ram @ 3200mhzThe components I added wereCougar GX800 V3 800W 80+ gold PSURX Vega 64Do you guys have any idea what could be causing the issue? need help urgentlyThanks in advance Should add that the PSU and GPU are in the computer I'm using now and working perfectly