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    My name is Scarlett, I have a basic-medium knowledge of AUTOIT, Python 3, Html, Java script,C++. I make youtube videos every now and then (Spoiled_kitten). Huge tech geek


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    Use windows 10,7 mac os and linux.

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  1. that doesnt work how i want to, i want it to be like it is in the video here.
  2. Is there any way i can have on my windows 10pc software that goes ontop of whatever im doing at the time and shows, cpu usage, gpu usuage, ram usuage, hard drive usuage etc? What about for linux ubuntu 18.04?
  3. extreme is an under statement, i want to try and overclock a cpu past 5ghz, if possible, not sure what one yet,but would be really interesting to run, need a powerful af cooler though
  4. are those expensive? plus are they decently quiet? https://www.overclockers.com/build-your-own-phase-change-pc-cooling-system/ like could i do this?
  5. i have people who can help, i just want to know how i could go around building it, like the supplies etc
  6. How do i build this myself? Maybe double so that it can cool 2 times better. thanks, Scarlett
  7. Anyone know where the player data for minecraft bedrock like speed, health etc is?
  8. how do i get that to work, it doesnt when work i try...
  9. i want to put this on my website which uses wordpress so others can use it just on my website so they dont have to switch between sites all the time, how do i do this? or make something similar? this is it: https://donatstudios.com/PixelCircleGenerator
  10. Hi all, i cannot seem to find where the minecraft bedrock player data say like speed etc is. does anyone know. or like player health?