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  1. Hello, That is true, I could have placed this under the suggestion section. Needless to say that I did not check outside the box (focus on windows) I am old school like my type writer. Thanks for the tip and information. Regards, Elsa Ballerina
  2. Odd... Maybe in the wrong Matrix world server. Regards, Elsa Ballerina
  3. Hello, I've noticed repeating topics all in the same basket, 552 pages and on going: WinOS Migration WinOS Installation WinOS Backup WinOS License WinOS Setup WinOS B.S.O.D. WinOS Drivers WinOS Updates WinOS Newbies Sadly, many of these are not answered due to heavy Advil Medication and users give up on searching prior solution because of 552 pages. Can we please create sub categories? Home > Software > Operating Systems > Microsoft Windows Information Home > Software > Operating Systems > Microsoft Windows Installation/Setup Home > Software > Operating Systems > Microsoft Windows Backup & Restore Home > Software > Operating Systems > Microsoft Windows License Home > Software > Operating Systems > Microsoft Windows Quick Simple Q&A Home > Software > Operating Systems > Microsoft Windows Server Home > Software > Operating Systems > Microsoft Windows Blue Screen of Death Home > Software > Operating Systems > Microsoft Windows Drivers Home > Software > Operating Systems > Microsoft Windows Updates Home > Software > Operating Systems > Microsoft Windows Newbies Area I just find it all messy and everything dumped in [Home > Software > Operating Systems > Windows]. Like a none stop Déjà vu. Anyhow, this is my 1/3 cent thought. Regards, Elsa Ballerina
  4. Hello, My worst experience with Microsoft Corporation was the realization that the main focus is on making money. Ideas are projects with timeline and striped down for a quick sale, release Optimization is a financial time consumption which creates very large operating Programming billions of lines and merging them (copy/paste) from prior OS for meeting a deal line... BlueScreen/Security Ricks Think about about these words for a moment: Details Time Craftsmanship Ideas Fun Tools Art Since the first release of Microsoft Windows 95 up to Microsoft Windows ME/Vista, the only change was the GUI and a significant amount of space used on your HDD/SSD. Windows 7. 8, 8.1, 10 are all the same and nothing original has come out. Microsoft is working on making the OS more tablet and removing the entire old Control Panel style. When you see that we are still on a hybrid OS that doesn't know where it is heading, what it wants to become... you start realizing that all your best experiences was back with Win98, Win2000, WinXP and maybe WinVista. My worst experience with Windows 10 is its bloody Store Apps. Its an OS, not a bloody smart device/phone! Google Play Apple Store Microsoft Store Pay here Spend more What The Hell?! Yes, since this Microsoft Store, APP was added, you cannot uninstall them without advance PowerShell commands and it seems users have less control on what they want and not what Microsoft wants. If I wanted Bing to be my default search on Internet Explorer and/or Edge, I would added. Leave things blank and let the users take control of their own OS. If I wanted a Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition with preset settings, I would have bought that. You expect that the PRO edition comes with... LET THE USER PICK That is why I stick with Server Operating Systems. Users have the control My 2 cents experience. Regards, Elsa Ballerina
  5. Hello, My apologies, the link provided does sadly provide the solution with an Online Account Creation. Maybe this link will help you: How to setup parental controls in Windows 10 local account? Another link that can help with Local Creation: Managing user accounts and parental controls Why Do I Need a Microsoft Account? (Link) Microsoft Family's parental control system requires Microsoft accounts for at least one parent and one child. This lets you set, control, and monitor your child's devices from any Internet-connected device by logging in with your Microsoft account. As for your child's online experience, this means that the limits you set on content and usage will apply to any Microsoft system, from your desktop to the family Xbox. If they log in using their Microsoft account, Windows will apply the same rules regardless of device. If you didn't create a Microsoft account while setting up your system, don't worry. You can create a Microsoft account and make the switch without losing any files, applications, or settings. Once you're all set up, go to Settings > Accounts and click on “Sign in with a Microsoft account instead”.
  6. Hello, All that matters is that you have your license key from your system (Win7, Win8, Win8.1) If you had a preinstalled Windows 7, 8, 8.1, the product key could be stored within the motherboard firmware: Press Windows Key + X Click Command Prompt (Admin) At the command prompt, type: wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey Regards, Elsa Ballerina
  7. Hello, A genuine license key purchase Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 will active your Windows 10. Just buy it from Walmart: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (OEM Software) $87.99 Running Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2019 is overkill but possible but not recommended. If you are thinking of using that Server OS on a DELL PowerEdge or HP ProLiant that has several GPU for gaming... PARTY!!! Regards, Elsa Ballerina
  8. Hello, During the Windows setup, there is a clear area for Local Account Creation: If you search the world wide web, they are areas which can help you like: How to Set up Parental Controls in Windows 10 Regards, Elsa Ballerina
  9. Hello, We can all recall our first time buying our first entire system or building our own several years later. Indeed prices are just insane these days but going way back in 1994, I was able to find my first system Packer Bell Legend 60CD Supreme that I got in 1994-1995 which they are some links about it: I couldn't believe it that someone made a Wiki... such memories of this wonderful system: Packer Bell Legend 60CD Supreme OMG... found a link about Best Buy Ads which shows a Packer Bell back in 1994: Best Buy Ad from 1994 Shows $1998 Packard Bell WOW... down the memory lane but anyhow, those machines were really their top, top, top system and well optimized. From $2,000.00 USD 1994-1995 system To $49,000.00 USD 2018-2020 system Back in the early 90's, building your own system was not at all what it is now. We can find easier compatible hardware at very low prices and we have a very large competitive market which makes it easier for low incomes to build really awesome systems. What I find amazing above all those high end tech hardware at are so expensive $1,000,000,000.00 KWD Kuwaiti Dinar [1 KWD = 3.29 USD] Are those that build amazing, well optimized and insanely cheap desktop that outperform even the current system in the market. Anyhow, today you either buy everything in one shot and hope the person who sold it to you knows his/her/they/them thing or you search what will fit best and buy the components separately and cross your fingers that on either case, that everything works and that it is compatible. You can always buy an Alienware/DELL or MSI or HP or Predator... etc., which are all build but Holy Smoke... can someone explain why the games are so poorly optimized? What the?!?! Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – 165GB I bet there is a lot of copy/paste codes No wonder you need powerful systems as you'll soon need RAID's 0 with 8x M.2 at 30GB/s (4TB) with 32x Processors at 8.5GHz i12 CPU & 1,048,576‬TB of memory I recall when games were just on a single CD but sadly became CD's like Final Fantasy 7 on 5 CD's... yup... soon we will have the entire AI on our computer creating our own games at VR level. Does anyone recall stores like: - Computer Smart - Crazy Herring (I may have its name incorrect) I recall seeing Unreal on that store for the first time Regards, Elsa Ballerina
  10. Hello Everyone, You may have come across about this UK company that creates insane systems called 8Pack. Link Below: ORIONX2 DUAL SYSTEM EXTREME OVERCLOCKED PC - INTEL CORE I9 7980XE & INTEL CORE I7 9700K If you could get this system completely free, what would you possible do with it besides showing it off? I am curious to know what would you do with such power at home. Regards, Elsa Ballerina
  11. Hello, No programmer but couldn't help to write this: Choose your Religion Have faith and it shall guide you to greatness Regards, Elsa Ballerina
  12. Hello MS-DOS, I am intrigued by what happened. What was the path exactly? What software were you using? How were you saving the file exactly? Were you using cloud base apps to synchronize the file? Were you using network SMB to save the file on the network? Were you using SharePoint Web App? Regards, Elsa Ballerina
  13. Hello greenkomodo, Not sure what your corporate policies are but many companies use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager which can deploy something called Endpoint Managment - Software Center (Microsoft). Another alternative would be the implementation of BeyondTrust (AKA Avecto), which would allow users to run it as Power User mode. I hope you find a solution and that uses can have their WebEx installed. Regards, Elsa Ballerina
  14. Hello walilkoa, (On-Site): Is the overall performance to access, edit, save the file(s) on the SMB at an acceptable level? - No problems accessing other files, servers SMB's, good performance overall? (Off-Site): Is this happening with only a specific network path, server(s) network access too? - Is this happening with other employees working remotely? Honestly, they are many scenarios that could cause this but I would first check (On-Site) overall network, access performance and determine from there if this is a problem within (On-Site) issue or (Off-Site) remote into (VPN) servers. Just off topic but maybe related, ISP's have played a role due to COVID-19 on prioritizing network access which has been notices by several employees from remote location on access corporate servers via VPN. Anyhow, I hope that you find out the root cause and that you can all work properly from home without feeling that you are on Dial-up modem mode. Regards, Elsa Ballerina
  15. Hello Diane_K, The system itself is well capable and I play The Division 2 at Ultra High resolution 1920x1080 without any problems. Without the GPU, nothing like this would have been possible and this card can handle VR but not sure about AR as it requires other digital enhancement devices. The T3600 has Slot 4 and Slot 5 as PCI Express x16 which one has already the GPU. I am waiting to get my hands on a M.2 RAID0 mode (main booter/Loader) compatible hardware to get the data performance at max. I got the information about thie T3600 from here: https://www.greenpcgamers.com/technology/make-my-precision-t3600-in-to-a-gaming-computer/ But for now, you can stick on getting a RAID0 set on that PERC H310 Controller Card. I hope this information is useful but I could recommend that you search engine it so that you are satisfied with what you are looking for. Regards, Elsa Ballerina