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  1. I have an excess of 5.1 ch surround sound speaker systems with dead receivers and old motherboards. My question is can i use and HDMI Passthrough device (such as a EL Gato) Intercept the audio and use this as my 7.1 or even 10.1 receiver? I have 2 old Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Z5's. I understand I may need some amplifiers but i have an old Sony-matic reel-reel player that is beyond repair but the case is in good shape, and i have the supplies and materials to build a 5 channel amplifier with 2 inputs and outputs per channel. A good 5.1 channel receiver is out of my price range. I already have a Older el gato that has issues when trying to stream video but always had good audio.
  2. Cool!! I will probably order it here within the next few days. The games are running and I can always lower the setting to get a more playable framerates until it arrives.
  3. My brother is getting a new video card so he's giving me his 1080 so luckily I dont have to spend the money on a new graphics card lol. I will look into the xeon processors. See if I can work them into my budget, My bike is taking most of my money right now :/, but I got to get it up and running for riding season. And I'm going to replace the old Xms 800mhz ram with another vengence pro stick.
  4. Oh and also the cpu doesn't go into its turbo boost either, so it's always running at its 2.67Ghz
  5. I have an intel core i5-750 with an aio water cooler and I've hit 38° so far after about 20 min in game, but I barely have the fan turning until I hit 45°c then they start to ramp up. I also have a Rtx 970 which will be upgraded to a 1080ti ftw edition soon.And 8Gb of corsair vengence pro and 4gb of corsair XMS2 DDr3 ram. And the big fan is always running full speed. Will overclocking the cpu help lower the cpu strain and reduce bottlenecking in these games ( FF XV, Forza horizon 4, Ark)? I'm running between 38-55 fps in FF on high settings at 120hz and 1920x1200, between 40-60 fps on FH4 on high settings at same rez, and 55-60 fps on Ark on medium settings same rez. I'm working with very little cash here so I'm trying to use what I have. Oh and im running an EVGA H55 Mb