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  1. okay im gonna fix it but using is dangerous
  2. Changing the thermal paste was my first try to fix the problem and it didn't work
  3. what's AIO and what should i do about it
  4. So I've had this pc for 3 years but lately i'm getting a lot of stuttering and my fps has drop a lot. CPU:I7-7700k /GPU:gigabyte gtx 1070 /RAM: 2 sticks of 8GB ddr4 Corsair (2400mhz) / motherboard:aorus z270x gaming 7/ 770w thermaltake (psu) / ssd colorful 650GB (os/games) /hdd Seagate 1tb (photos and other stuff) / liquid cooler 2 fan from id-cooling below are my results after running a gta 5 benchmark i can't figure out the problem i've recently cleaned the fans and the case. i changed the thermal paste 1 month ago and changed the windows too