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  1. absolutely - needs ctrl t to open new tab like in chrome and other things - a basic usable 'file explorer' needs to have this basic thing - needs to show what file type it is right in the 'file name' i think that's it for now other than that a clean minimalist ui preferred oh, absolutely - needs to remember what page you last closed on and open that - like many other things does greatly prefer, not needed: 1 click to open things like the web, not double click other basic things other apps software does preferred in case they come up in future
  2. should minor updates be updated first and then restart or should feature updates be updated first does the order affect anything does 'Cumulative Updates' check what updates you have, and dl only the stuff you dont have? or does it dl everything? does w10 have regular update cycle or its random anything else about updates or anything worth knowing?
  3. looking for sites that does tests / analysis (aka: good info) to show that something is actually best for cleaning/removing the bad softwares
  4. clicking on audio/volume icon does nothing after you restart this is temporarily fixed by restarting 'windows explorer' happened on old laptop also, now happens on new laptop (i hate computer, it's 2020...) how to permanently fix?
  5. doesnt that take a long time? also someone says it restores crap, so why would you say this?
  6. decided that getting a w/e new low cost android phone is coming out this year was the best option decided that: * high res + * large lcd was what matters most seeing more is always a good thing in anything * ppi >220 cos that's what my new computer is, and that hasn't really been good enough for like google sheets, etc, could be higher/better if needed can get new one in future replacement tho unlikely would need new one for a very long time, cos that's how computing is: the useful value of an object/tool/thing does not go above the cost no idea what in the software engineers are focusing on cos it's clearly not about things that help us in our life like where's the much better gps antenna? the specialised kind are used in specialised uses that is not widespread for us little ppl consumers where's the much better g maps? instead google made it progressively worst over time, and it's the best map, which is very sad that the best is the least worst where's, etc. feel free to say any new info on iphone se or anything insightful or about what matters most and why, etc for example phone battery does not matter that's what powerbanks are for so the mass amount of garbage on this web/media saying how iphone se battery is low and bad is all irrelevant & most importantly, unhelpful my mistake was thinking iphone se and good and i should check into it but it was all a waste of a time, mins & hours of my life just cos soemthing was 'new' but irrelevant the primitive state of computing tech (1950-2050) the future is too slow to come
  7. hddtosdd


  8. what site shows exactly why it's the best? i cant find a comprehensive and reliable source for this
  9. hddtosdd


  10. what price range woudl that be tho? cos there are good android phones less than 400 but probelm is updates, i want the updates cos well updates seem important? they seem like the most important thing? this is the phones section so hopefully someone knows a best solution for the problems presented in op
  11. whats best site for used/refub? to see price dont buy much stuff so dont know dont know if those would be better than an android
  12. after youtubing and googling im undecided on if iphone se is worth it a phone is only good for google maps i cant think of anything else i'd use a phone for anything productive a laptop/desktop is far better for taking notes is ok but i feel like a larger size would be better for that $400 is a high price when there are android phones lower cost than this it seems ios 13 was very buggy in the past, and i dont know how it is currently it doesnt seem reasonably or worth it to pay a high price for lacking software, and when apple is going downhill in quality that seems to be one of the reasons why iphone se is priced at the same price it was in the previous se the performance gains of iphone se doesnt seem noticeable in any significant way like i dont know what i'd be doing with the phone that would make it worthwhile like would nav on google maps be 100% faster in performance? but it's unclear if there'll be a better phone in the future (like this year) so not really sure if iphone se is worth it, cos maybe it'll be the best option in this whole year? phones is really hard cos i personally dont know of what are the good sites that are very knowledgeable on phones comparisons and which is better overall $400 is such a high price when you can get much better computers for laptops/desktops, i dont even know why i would paid so much for a phone, but i just dont know of any better options in terms of phones cos i do need a phone eventually for google maps / mapping cos really what else is a phone good for... ? do you know? like im gonna use an action cam for video/photo which is way better than using a phone, and w/e other tools for other needs is far better than a phone this seems kinda hard cos i think i'd prefer a better option? but this seems to be currently be the best one? i dont know