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  1. Hello I did not see this here but I build Tesla Coils that make music and transmit real AIRPOWER here is Zelda main theme veia midi threw the GDT AND IGBT allowing the carrier frequency to be pulsed makeing the midi music. i print all my bords using coper blanks and acidtone and glossy magazeine paper and do all my own surface board level from concept to production and soldering link is of the driver and coil playing zelda main theme
  2. hey im new been watching for years now in my mid 20's and been building pc's for my job and hobby here is my rig (GTX 1080 FE , Core i7 8700k OC'ed @ 5.04Ghz With a Aio, 32GB Domnator 3200mhz DDR4 And 3 TB of SSD PIC BELOW IS THE RIG



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      I accdently replyed to u with nothing wile trying to make my first post sorry