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Everything posted by rafitafi

  1. I always buy steam cards here, often i get them on discounts and all, serves for my broke butt:D
  2. With which game titles to you spend the most time these days?
  3. Right now reading Animal Farm by Orwell
  4. idk tho, I never had issues with Eneba
  5. Steam and sometimes from Eneba, when they have great deals
  6. But that's not bad at all. Just it might be difficult to maintain the focus
  7. I don't think that working from home would be a problem. As I've got used to do stuff for university at home, I don't think it would differ that much. But I'm not gonna lie, of course, it would be easy to lose the focus
  8. Why it always has to be because of some dumb people. I just hope that he faces the consequences that he truly deserves
  9. I don't think it would be useful. It might work as a short attention catcher but that's only it. They would break it in a couple of minutes, it wouldn't pay off.
  10. rafitafi


    Helloo! Even though I'm new here as well, I hope you'll have a great time here
  11. Very random but what are you planning to do this weekend?