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  1. i think the stick is defective. if i swap the sticks around then the pc doesnt boot at all
  2. I have the 2 sticks installed dual channel as the motherboard manual instructs. In the bios, it says i have 2 8gb sticks of ram installed but that i only have 8gb installed.
  3. thank you for your help i will try that
  4. do you know if its safe to shut down the computer now?
  5. I tried enabling xmp, i saved and exited and now everything is frozen. help? i5 9600k gigabyte z390 ud rtx 2070 super 16gb 3000mhz crucial ballistix ram
  6. Will b550 motherboards support the ryzen 5 1600 af?
  7. Can you recommend a place where i can buy a 6-pin to 6-pin pci-e cable?
  8. the psu is semi-modular and doesn't have any other place where the gpu could be plugged in, other than the fan plug. The cable was bought 2nd hand from a shady website so that sounds like it could be the problem
  9. There's a 6-pin connector and an 8-pin connector in this 2070 super. When the 6-pin is connected to the psu the pc works, but when both are plugged in it doesnt work at all. Why?
  10. They're the same price. Which would be better (for a higher fps in games)?
  11. probably the slow ram, upgrade to at least 3000 mhz
  12. I've been thinking about upgrading from 1660ti to a 2080 super. however, i am worried that my ryzen 5 2600 is going to bottleneck the 2080 super