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  • CPU
    Core i5-9600KFC
  • Motherboard
    MSI B365
  • RAM
    2*8GB DDR4 2666
  • GPU
    AMD RX580
  • Operating System
    UbuntuLinux+Win10(with another Ubuntu WSL)
  • Laptop
    TP E570GTX
  1. It might be funny if they found no graphics chip for 3200G,without a graphics card
  2. The lastest generation amd's CPU is much more reliable, but if he still keeps on his mind, just choose intel for him.
  3. Bigger battery and faster charging power suppily,but it's not necessary for kindle. USB-C is the future, no MICRO-USB any more
  4. That's great,hopefully much better AMD's graphics card with tsmc's N5+
  5. Download windows iso from another laptop and clone it into a usb by ultraiso. Boot with this usb device,and install windows. You can find details about windows install by searching online
  6. AMD's Zen2 is cheaper and better.Unless single thread performance needed,I will never suggest to buy this generation.
  7. It doesn't worth.I heard of that some cores of i9-10900k is based on skylake,not all coffeelake-refresh
  8. That's crazy if AMD doesn't put off the release of Zen3 in September.There is no time for intel.
  9. It's not a big deal to use old PC.If possible,old Xeon processor might provide higher performance with low price.For them have been working days and days,which means more unexcpeted problems,it's still much fun to explore them. In China,some of PC Gamers choose those hardware from old data center.CPUs like E3-1230 used to be welcomed.
  10. Well,that's on my bluetooth player.(I think it's ouy of date, including micro-usb)
  11. while(x>0) { Xxxxxxxxx } printf("\n %d",y); change into this while(x>0) { printf("\n Unesi broj:"); scanf("%d",&x); if(x>30&&x%7==0) y=x; printf(.... }
  12. You've written the printf function out of the while{} loop area.
  13. My cellphone,redmi note8pro(mtk,helio G90T) supports 18w charging. I use the original cable to charge is,it's quick charge. Then I use my zmi cable, even a huawei cable,all of them which is not supported for quick charge can charge this cellphone quickly. So,I wonder how do redmi or mediatek make a normal typec cable able to charge quickly.
  14. Maybe you have to borrow a 1/2gen ryzen processor,and update bios downloaded from asus