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  1. The problem and differencei s that a mortgage is a contractual debt that you must and must pay otherwise you are f*cked. And my main point is, in this current environment, i dont see how making a bet that you will have recurring income every month for the next 20 years is viable. Maybe if you have an excellent career path, but at least I can't make such a bet. So it's either: 1) live with parents and save and pay the house at once 2) live on your own paying rent, and save to pay the house at once at about 99 years old So I would rather play the 1) card. For me mortgage is out of the question, too much risk. I have no career basically, and even if I had one I would be too paranoid to enter in an unlucky period of unemployment while racking up debt each month I dont pay the mortgage.
  2. Where are you from? 300k€ here buys you a decent house. Of course, the house I would love to own costs 1MM€, but thats out of what I can aim for, unless somehow I luck out. Oh and btw, I somehow make money from Adsense, if I had a regular job I would have assumed that I would never move out of my parents flat because wages are too low in Spain and I only have HS education, I dropped from the CS course. Even if I finished it (I was struggling), I would be making peanuts if I landed a job. Im saving as much as possible and I hope I can continue making content online because I can't fathom having to work a regular job. If I can buy the house, then I would have the flat that I would inherit to put in rent and get a minimum wage from that, then if I continue making some money online to meet other expenses im done. My main goal was always to escape the rat race and have as much free time as possible. For now im working hard in content and hoping I can continue doing what I do. It's very tiresome but I like it more than any regular job. Wages here go around 1k to 2k€ a month best case scenario, so I would need 30 years to pay the 300k house.... would rather not. It's just dumb to get a mortgage for 20+ years assuming you will have a solid income for said 20+ years. This may have been realisitc in the past, not in 2020.
  3. Damn, im too scared to get in debt... im living with my parents with 0 social life saving next to 100%... i want to save 300k for a nice house, still 200 to go.. geez. At this rate I will be 40.
  4. Still begs the question... how did you get a 6 figure loan?
  5. What kind of job allowed you to do that? Most people never make 710k euro on their lifetime where im from (spain).
  6. I took a shower when I came back the USB interaface was missing. I ran your bat and its still missing, I had to plug and unplug it.. I guess its just near failure.
  7. This is an old interface, 3.0 didnt exist. Im just watching Youtube videos. Randomly at some point it starts derping, then I have to restart it to fix it. This unit is abandoned, but old drivers somehow still work in Windows 10. Same thing happened in Win 7 tho, which is why I think the unit may just be starting to break.
  8. The sound became corrupted again, and it finally collapsed and I had to unplug and plug it again to fix it. So this didnt fix it.
  9. How did you afford 710k worth of gear?
  10. Do you see anything related here? https://download.gigabyte.com/FileList/Manual/mb_manual_x570-aorus-pro-wifi_v2_e.pdf I cant find anything about "usb power suspension" or something.
  11. Which is also now f*cked due covid
  12. If yes, how did you land the job and how do you do it? From what I see, most people making a living are also salesmen on youtube/influencers of sorts. A completely unknown guy has little chances of making it in the industry.
  13. So why do they add higher rates? From what ive read, there is sonic content that is picked up in recordings, somehow, and this makes a difference.
  14. I have set it to 44khz on the menu on windows they say this: I've set it o "channel 1, 24 bit, 44khz" not sure what channel 1 and 2 do I dont know where else I could set it. So far it hasnt frozen again. Isnt it insane I can't use a higher setting because of Windows? Its 2020 It should make no difference tho. One shouldn't be able to hear above 44khz anyway however, I think for recording it makes sense.
  15. So I guess 2.0. I have an Aorus Pro x570, I've tried both 2.0 and 3.0 slots, same thing. On the power plan selective USB suspend thing was enabled, I disabled it. However I reckon it was disabled on my previous computer and same thing. Not sure which related setting could I disable on bios.
  16. I've got this one for years: The problem is, it freezes randomly. If for instance, im watching a video, the video freezes at the same time it goes silent. I have to plug and unplug it from the usb to make it work again. What could be causing this? The same happened on my old Windows 7 computer. Now with Windows 10, same thing. Please let me know. If I can't fix it I will buy a new one, I guess its broken?
  17. I saw someone mentioning that you could use the g2 in the dark using an infrared emitter, so it would be like having lights on for the headset but still dark. Would this work?
  18. I want to watch a movie while someone else sleeps. Is it useless because the cameras require light? The Valve Index works, but in the winter I use an huge blanket that would cover my head from the lighthouse. The internal gyros for the smartphones I tried sucked, no matter how much I calibrate it there is always drifting. Google Cardboard is getting discontinued anyway. Looks like there's no solution. Why isn't there 3dof internal tracking to watch media in the dark without hassless? its 2020.
  19. Fun thing is I have high pithced tinnitus on the left ear for years and a couple months ago a low rumble started on my right ear. It''s not too audible, but it's there. If I put the finger inside the ear this rumble becomes worsen then fades out, and goes back to the subtle pulsating vibration, so worrying about 20 or 60khz is probably as irrelevant as it gets. fml
  20. But if sound quality is the same as an M4, and this other guy says MOTU doesn't ditch devices and continue updating drivers, what would justificy the extra price of the ADI2? is the LED on the M4 too bright? if I put it under my desk above the PC case at the back where I can't see it, will I see the light on the wall?
  21. UMC404HD is too wide. I like to put the DAC and the headphone amp on top of my computer case to have a clean desktop. Also, UMC404HD sound quality can compete with the M4? Where are they cutting costs to offer all these ins and outs for 105€?
  22. No I dont own the m4, i've just heard in forums people complaining about that. The interface I had freezes, has no official Win 7 driver support anymore, the knobs move and make crakcling noises, the headphone jack doesnt work, so yeah im using onboard audio which sucks because its a bit coloured, the x570 Aorus Pro onboard audio sounds weird to me on the panning. Also consider again the fact that, if motu and the rest drop driver support for products, if you want to keep it for 10+ years, it may be cheaper to buy RME since they still update ancient firewire interfaces.
  23. Does RME interfaces allow you to disable meters? I considered finally going all in and investing in RME, since I've hear their drivers never give you any problems in terms of glitches, crackles, popping and stuff. And they support even very old interfaces and update them to work with the newer Windows 10 unlike others (see my NI interface which was dropped support for after Win 7). So maybe long term is actually cheaper assuming they physically last for years... but im not sure. Sound quality I assume m4 and a RME is similar, so it would be about built quality and driver support. But the thing is, im only going to plug in monitors, a Magni 3 and maybe an eventide effects procesor. If I buy a RME, do I even need the Magni 3 anymore? the included headphone jack is better? because that would free up connectors. I dont play any instruments so I dont need perfect latency. I just dont want any crackling and other nonsense. I don't like that for some reason they don't add a separate knob for headphone volume, both UCX and Babyface only have one multipurpose knob so you have to do some extra actions and not just move the knob at any time.
  24. It's fcking annoying to have some light while watching a movie tbh. They should add a way to disable it on the drivers.
  25. Can you disable the frontal LED meter? I dont want it when im watching a movie. Also, does MOTU support the devices long term or they ditch support when a new Windows is released? (see Native Instruments)