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  1. Unfortunately I did not buy the card off of ebay but instead off of Facebook marketplace. I had the seller sign a paper saying the card was in working order and he said he doesnt feel that he has to give me my money back because I "looked the card up and down" when I bought it and didnt notice it because I wasnt looking for it. I don't know what the laws are in the U.S. for stuff like that but my main question would be can I rma it or repair it as it sits.
  2. Pretty sure I found the problem, the gold plating on the pins are scratched. Is this fixable, or can I RMA it. I have the receipt for the card. I talked to the guy I bought it from and he said he didnt want to give me my money back so am I gucked?
  3. Not yet but I think the way zotac does rma is that you have to go through where it was originally bought
  4. Specs: 4770k Gigabyte board Zotac GTX 1080ti AMP EXTREME Samsung 860 500gb Seagate 1tb Hdd Corsair HX1000 Computer keeps crashing after a couple minutes of running a load and maybe 10 minutes without a load, can see artifacting before either the application closes or computer crashes. Running Unigine Valley to stress test the GPU. Previously had 2 GTX 980 in sli and thought it was the old drivers messing with it so ran DDU in safe mode and the problem almost seems worse after reinstalling the correct drivers again. I've read the the PSU might be the problem, the HX1000 I have I bought off ebay so maybe it could be bad. I have an EVGA 750B2 that I bought brand new so maybe switching it out could help but I've never seen artifacting due to a PSU before, doesnt mean that I'm wrong thought lol. I've attached a couple pics of the artifacting I've seen. From what I can tell the GPU is dying and I've seen somewhere that boosting the power limit on the card could help but I'm doubtful. The card was bought from Microcenter and I have the receipt for it but I'm not sure how their 2nd hand warranties work. Any insight/help is much appreciated. Tldr: bought 2nd hand 1080ti and it has artifacting and crashes a lot.