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    Programming, cooking and of course gaming!
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    anyone is welcomed to add me on discord :p i mainly play league but i play a variety of games as well.


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    ryzen 2600x
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    b450m dsh3
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    2x8 gb viper patriot 3200 mhz
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    xfx rx 480 8gb
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    tcsunbow 480 ssd
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    corsair 450w bronze (2017)

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  1. yes, i'm not sure how your specific bios works but yes, you can enable the xmp profile and set it manual configuration instead of auto, then just reduce the speed a bit and see if that works, i'm also going to see if i can up the voltage a bit and increase the speed if that works. but not sure if it will for you! let us know how it goes also remember to quote when you answer so we get the notification
  2. i had your same issue, not sure if it's the same cause but it's exactly what happened to me, it could be a ram issue, in the bios did you enable xmp? if you did then what is your ram speed? for me i have 2x8gb patriot viper at 3200 mhz. i enabled xmp and the games kept crashing after 15 min of gameplay i went back to the bios and reduced the speed to 3000 mhz and now it's stable if this doesn't work, also download a program called memtest86, you have to use a usb flash drive for it. it tests your ram to see if it has any issues.
  3. don't think 32gb is necessary at all, unless you do need it for some reason like video editing, aside from that don't go lower than 3000mhz, as for the brands, i have the patriot viper and it has given me no grief, it performs as advertised. if it is your first time building the pcs yourselves then i recommend going for an atx (not micro atx) motherboard and getting a full tower case.
  4. the one time i had this happen to me i tried replugging the usb headers in the motherboard, try using different usb ports, use the front panel or MOBO ones.
  5. If i were careful i wouldn't have offended you with that initial statement, and i'd have a much easier time with my gf. i used the word creature to refer to women as a whole because as demonstrated, i hardly ever understand them. only after feeling a sharp chill running down my spine from reading your reply did i realize that i wasn't highlighting my own stupidity as the joke but i might've used a degrading word. i apologize. please no bully, English is my second language and i'm just trynna make friends
  6. wait a second... i never knew about this.... if i have 480gb ssd and have it as a boot drive, but i really don't have any games or documents to fill that space, can i just fill that space with 20 copies of a random 4k movie? (and delete the movie copies if i ever need the space?) or does also cause a problem?
  7. can confirm, as hard as you try to get away with it these creatures have a 6th sense.
  8. a lot of people here will tell you that 8gb of ram is fine for most purposes, but i gotta say, it's totally worth getting 16 gbs, it's a huge quality of life improvement. specially if you're gonna run rainbow 6 with more than 2 tabs of chrome opened in the background everything else is rock solid man
  9. came close to. so the wifi card was fine, but i ended up getting bsod after playing any game for more than about a minute, i kept getting the tcips.sys error code so i totally thought it was the card. took it out, reinstalled windows and still got the blue screen. then for about a day of troubleshooting i came to the conclusion that it wasn't the video drivers but the ram. i re-inserted the ram and that fixed the bsod but the games still crashed, so i had to re-configure xmp to go at a lower speed and so far so good. if this pc gives me any more trouble i might just kurt cobain myself
  10. please bro, don't do me like that i meaaan i should've kind of expected it, most negative reviews in there just complain about the lack of a cd for the driver some people really still be living in 2008 the only "valid" complaint i saw was the inconvenience of having to plug the Bluetooth in a usb header but i have a lot of those so i'm fine i think pray for me brOtherS
  11. bruhH. don't judge me bro
  12. well that puts me more at ease. as for where i got that from just gonna quote on of the reviews: "Verified Purchase Installed this little card and it INSTANTLY FRIED the motherboard when I turned the PC back on. No sparks or smoke, but the motherboard is now completely dead. It won't even try to start." without a doubt imma read the reviews more carefully when purchasing. at least until i forget to do so again.
  13. sometimes we be humans you feel me? sometimes we aren't as thorough as we'd like to be sometimes we buy questionable things from amazon just because it had more than 4.3 star ratings on amazon without reading the reviews. i bought this thing https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07X462KRK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and some people really be saying that it can fry your entire system. is that even possible with a pci-e card? i'm afraid to plug this thing in.... someone halp
  14. python is recommended as the first language most of the time mostly because it has a lot of tools to help you out in the beginning and it's a bit more intuitive than java. i just recommend watching MIT open course ware, it gets the ball rolling pretty well