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  1. hey guys, well the title says it all. is it normal? my braava jet m6 is on deep clean setting and at lvl 3 for water spillage. ps : sorry for the poor grammar, I don't speek or write english on a regular basis! #quebeclife
  2. I heard that freesync would cap my 1070ti at max 60hz. 1. Is it true 2. Is a 120hz w/freesync better than a 120hz w/o freesync (with a 1070ti) 3. What should I be looking for or I want to play games but not at an e-sport standard haha I won't be playing shooter online so I dont need a crazy refresh rate. Thx !!!
  3. The whole 16XX line up is in an akward position imo....
  4. Yes, if you can get a good price. You could also look for a 1070/1070ti for same (1070) or better (1070ti) performances if you're not bothered with getting used parts.
  5. Did you used thumbscrews as PSU screws ? If yes, switch em'. Don't know why the hell this is a thing but it happened to me
  6. I'll do it in the Bios, It'll be my first time OC with a cpu, but i'll go step by step. I already have OC genie on, but I read that it was not the best way and that the temps ramp up with this kind of OC.
  7. Hey guys, it's me again! I watched the ltt video on RAM speed to pair with 3rd gen Ryzen but im a bit lost atm... I have 2x8gb 3200mhz corsaire vengance LPX and was wondering if it's enough if I want To OC my 3600x. Can you guys help me figure it out or maybe help me understand the basics of ram speed.
  8. Hey guys, I have a zotac 1070ti amp edition paired with a Ryzen 5 3600x. Long story short, I wanted to buy another 1070ti and SLI, but figured out my mobo only support AMD's crossfire. The thing is that I am a green team (nvidia) guy since my first pc and never really been attracted to red team (amd) since now because of my motherboard and cpu. I need your help with this : I'm I better with my single used zotac1070ti amp edition OR buy 2x asus strix rx 580 8g and but them in crossfire. Thanks for your help guys !
  9. Hey guys, just changed my stock wraith spire for my gammaxx 400 (in push) because god that this thing's noisy! Now i'm at 73°c max temp after 30min. of 100% load. Tho, I find it a bit high compared to the 66°c I had on my i5-4670k@stock with the same gammaxx. Question is : I'm I just freaking out or should i get a better cooler since I want to oc the 3600x? Same case/airflow for both cpus : be quiet! Silent Base 600 with 2x140mm intake 2x140mm out the top 1x 120mm out back 1x 120mm in bottom (all be quiet! fans at 1000rpm)
  10. Hey guys !! Im kind of the new guy here and was wondering some things. I upgraded my mobo (b450-A pro max), cpu (Ryzen 3600x) and GPU (1070ti/had a huge deal on it from a close friend) and was wondering if my GPU will be going to bottleneck my CPU. ( Sorry for the grammar, english isn't my mother tongue )