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  1. yeah Photoshop only uses one gpu anyway so no added value there. again, not really a practical addition - more for fun than anything. And don't know about lightroom, I don't use it.
  2. yea i will test will a wall power meter as well to see how much overhead I have as I add more cards. I don't really care about VRam since I don't game - just want it for hardware acceleration
  3. I agree with most although I've found that throwing cores at Photoshop speed ups the rendering - especially heavy filters to 1-2 seconds as opposed to 20-30 seconds before. And capture one usage isn't really affected like you said except when I'm batch processing a couple hundred photos. What used to be a 2-3 hour background task is now 20 mins honestly for $200 for this matched pair of cpus I can't really complain. I did look at doing a standard build but couldn't find any cpus for a similar price and similar performance. And yeah, quad-sli is impractical in every sense, but at $100 per gtx 980, its purely for the inner nerd than anything practical lol. To be honest a fair portion of this build was purely for the sake of building a dual socket system for dirt cheap!
  4. Yeah my case is plenty big enough. For sake of convenience I just had the one blow into the other. Aida 64 shows a plus 1 degree on the back cpu which is fine really. 55 degrees at 100% load. I’ve posted a build log on that board
  5. Skip ahead if you don't want to hear the background! So after recently upgrading my workhorse commercial photography cameras to the Canon 5ds earlier last year and Hasselblad H6d-100 late last year, I've quickly come to the conclusion that my existing workstation just was not cutting it. When I moved recently to NYC, I decided to leave my old Broadwell- 12 core workstation back home in New Zealand, and just 'make do' with my surface and a cheap iMac ( and more recently a cheap pc) to handle my work. Now after an insanely busy few months of travelling and shooting, I've given in and said enough is enough. My files are now in the ranges of 70-150mb raw, 300mb as a single layer tiff, and 800mb-1.5gb by the time the images were finished. Now multiply by hundreds of deliverables every week and you see why I was tearing my hair out! So now, short of buying a mac pro, I needed something that would work for the next 5+ years and just power through everything. GPU isn't important for my work except Capture One does gain a fair boost in speed with at least a single half decent card. But multithreading for heaps of tabs, windows and scrolling around high-resolution images is the key. This build is still in its infancy as one of the key considerations was minimum downtime while migrating to the new system so I took some shortcuts with coolers, fans and other non-essentials to ensure I had a working machine ASAP . And happy to say the build took 5 hours and we're back up to full speed! This build came to a total of $1300 USD, about the same price as a single cpu with the same performance as this machine. I've done some quick benchmarks while doing other stuff (read, not entirely accurate but ballpark) but the cpu benchmarks look like my goal was achieved. An entire build with High end cpu performance but less than the cost of the cpu alone. Will update as I do more. Cinebench r20:7105 PassMark CPU: 26099.5 Below I will list my parts and possible future upgrades as this year progresses. My parts are as follows: Mobo: AsRock Rack EP2C612 WS CPU: 2x Xeon E5-2680 V3, 12-core 2.5ghz | Future upgrade to 18, 20 or 22 core Xeon V4 Generation (not really necessary but would be fun when they get cheaper lol) Ram: 8x 4gb DDR4 RDIMM ECC 2133mHz | Future upgrade to 8gb or 16gb sticks. 32 is normally ok if I don't have too many photoshop tabs open, but more would be nice since there is practically no limit to how much RAM I can install with this build) Cooler: 2x Noctua Dx14 for Narrow ILM | Future upgrade to dual 320mm rads, but might be moving soon so didn't want the hassle. GPU: 1x Nividia GTX 980 | Future plan in the coming weeks and months upgrade to quad-sli 980. Not necessary, but with them so cheap, just wanted to play! PSU: EVGA G2 Gold 1000W | Probably need to bump up to 1600w for quad-sli... Case: Thermaltake View 71 Snow Storage: Just a little 240gb Sandisk SSD and the 1Tb HDD I pulled out of the old PC. Everything else is External and on NAS. Some notes during the build: Excuse the python of an atx cable going in a beeline from PSU to motherboard. Unfortunately this big case and monster SSI EEB sized motherboard didn't allow me to route it out the back. I have an longer cable coming in the mail tomorrow! Motherboard shorted on first start up due to some standoffs for a standard ATX board I left in. This case is an absolute delight to build in. It is so roomy as you can see by the massive gaps on the right, even with a EEB sized motherboard covering all but the bottom gromet. This is also why some of my cable routing is a bit ugly since there were no gromets to simply hide cables through. Some cable-tie cable combs were made on the back side to tidy things up, will add a photo of this tomorrow. Some ram didn't immediately register but after reseating, all is well. The bottom PCI-E slot won't hold a GPU because the headers are in the way, however this case has a vertical mount bracket which I plan on using later for sli. See below some images from the build! Feel free to ask any questions and suggest some improvements I could add. First image is my workstation, minus my 4k Eizo that normally sits in the middle but is currently packed in a Pelican to go on set tomorrow. Excuse the mess! Haven't completely cleaned up or cable managed after the new build. So this machine typically is driving 4 monitors. 1 at 4k, the wacom at 2.5k and then the 27"iMac and the cinema display monitors 3 and 4. (iMac is in target display mode)
  6. But then both fans would be pulling against each other... - there really isnt enough clearance between the fans for this to work I think. Dual socket boards are big but not that big...
  7. https://www.asrockrack.com/general/productdetail.asp?Model=EP2C612 WS#Specifications as you can see, the sockets are almost exactly parallel so they cant blow past each other unfortunately.
  8. You mean one pushing left and one pushing right?
  9. So I have a dual socket motherboard and two noctua heatsinks. With a single socket, this would be a no brainer and I would simply mount it so the fans are pushing out the back of the case. However, with two sockets, if both were mounted to be pushing out the back, one would be blowing directly onto the other heat sink. I know this probably wont add much more than a couple degrees to the back cpu, but would turning both to push out the top or one out the back and one out the top make a difference?
  10. Threats. I respond well to threats This comment alone has decided that the build log is happening lol
  11. Hi! I'm planning on building a 24-core, dual xeon workstation later this week. With future plans to expand to quad-sli, watercooling. Also future plans to upgrade to dual 22-core Xeon E5-2699 V4 (although this is definitely a future future plan...) Was a custom build or a Mac Pro... so here we are! Would there be any interest in a build-log? If there is I'll be sure to document the journey! Also, any questions re the build or anything else feel free to ask below! George!