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  1. i think it has to do with my internet or something
  2. i changed it still the same for some reason i cant even search websites anymore
  3. i changed my DNS to cloudflare cause i heard its fastest
  4. when i try to search discord i get this
  5. some things refuse to load for some reason
  6. i try to reinstall discord on my pc but the discord site wont load
  7. for some reason when i try to search up something it takes a long time to load up
  8. when i try to play halo i get a black screen with a flashing curser
  9. for some reason when i log into my steam my half life games are missing where did they go?
  10. ok i rebooted again now its working
  11. for some reason i cant use my search menu on my windows
  12. i cant open my origin and play apex cause its not appearing on the screen
  13. i guess because no ones thought of doing that