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  1. Have a power desktop and wife needs a replacement for our very old ASUS laptop. I use the desktop and she prefers to work around the house with a laptop.
  2. I am looking into a new laptop that will be for heavy business and require a lot of apps open at once. Streaming, 3-d and maybe a little gaming (<5% use) Screen size - 15.6 preferred and no keypad if possible but can live with it. Desires: CPU - Very fast (top end i7, 19 or AMD) GPU - NVidia RTX 2070 RAM - 32 MB SSD-OS - 512 GB Samsung SSD-Storage - 1TB Samsung Keyboard - RGB Screen - 120 Hz minimum 1080p or 1440p Camera - HD (built-in) I/O - USB 3.1 Gen 2 (3 or more), Thunderbolt, HDMI,Display Port, Audio, Ethernet, SD Card reader Looking for suggestions/comments on options and builders. Earlier Linus review said MainGear, Origin and Ibuypower were good. Others? Thanks!