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  1. Thanks, that's a nice option. Wish they made them in a white housing.
  2. I have recently built a new PC and I am in need of 3 120mm fans for the pull side of my front mount radiator. I have a B450 Gaming mobo and it has 2 - 4 pin 12v RGB headers. I control a RGB light strip as well as the Built in ROG RGB logo of the MOBO through the Asus Aura app. I have spent a good bit of time trying to find fans and every one I research is a 5v 3 pin RGB connector, even though the fan will state it is Aura compatible. There must be something I am missing because this doesn't make any sense to me. Does it sync to Aura via some app? And for the final kicker, the fans need to be white and the blades need to light up. Because I'll be using these fans on the back side (Pulling) of a front mount 360 radiator, a front RGB ring won't do me any good. So far I like the Corsair QL's, the Thermaltake Ring Quad's. I also like the look of the Coolermaster Master fan Halo White. Any help would be appreciated. I'm starting to think that maybe I have to buy a RGB controller that syncs through some proprietary app, because it doesn't look like anything but a LED strip will plug into those 12v 4 pin headers on the mobo.
  3. LOL, A SAE thread size measured in length with metric. What the actual F. Does no-one else see the ridiculousness in that?
  4. I recently purchased my first AIO, a EVGA CLC 360. I am running a push/pull with fans on both sides of the radiator and I am in need of screws. The EVGA website says 3mm, so I ordered 3mm radiator screws from amazon and they were too small. So then I did some more searching and found that they were probably 4mm, so I purchased some really neat 4mm "studs" from Koolance, and they are too big. So, what the heck size is left? Are they SAE? I figured that would be impossible as I'm sure all this stuff is made in china. Very annoying, I have my front fans mounted with 2 screws each because my mobo only came with 6 and the CLC of course only came with the 12 for the stock fans.
  5. CPU: Ryzen 2700x GPU(s): ASUS GTX 1080 Turbo Average FPS: 91.5 Score: 3827 Screenshot of valley, GPU-Z and CPU-Z attached
  6. Hello LTT folks, I recently found myself the proud owner of a used 1080 ti. A buddy of mine works at a local school and their engineering department just recently did some upgrades while school is out thanks to this whole covid mess. Anyway, he hooked me up with a stupid deal on the 1080 ti. Here is my issue. I have a old Corsair HX620 PSU. It is semi-modular but it was built before the 8pin PCI-E power cable was popular. I have 2x 6 pin PCI-e cables that come out of the PSU, but that's all I have. Currently I am running those 2x6 pin into the supplied dual 6 pin to 8 pin adapter that came with my 1080. Now, I need both a 8 pin and a 6 pin. I have plenty of headroom on my PSU as I'm currently only drawing about 280-298 watts on the entire system. I have 2 sata drives that run off of a single modular cable, and have all the rest of the PSU plugs available. Does anyone make a Corsair PSU power cable that turns one of the SATA power ports into a 6 pin PCI-E? Is it safe to use a 4 pin Molex to 6 pin PCI-E adapter? Or a Sata power to 6 pin PCI-E adapter? I'd really prefer not to replace my PSU as there is nothing wrong with it, but I also don't want to cause any other issues either.
  7. +1 The enormous majority of popular coolers are manufactured by asetek which means the only real difference is the warranty and aesthetics. NZXT's have the longest warranty at 6 years, have a stellar reputation, and a pretty cool mirror RGB light on the pump housing Corsair's used to be Asetek but recently switched to CoolIT. EVGA and Fractal also both use Aseteks. I spent months trying to find a review of the perfect AIO and the result that I came up with is it doesn't exist. They all work relatively well, and while they will never be as reliable as air coolers, air coolers will never cool as well as liquid coolers. I just refreshed my build about 3 months ago and after using 2 different air coolers, a whole lot of data logging analysys, and curiosity, I decided to give the Liquid CLC a shot. I'm happy I have a good robust data set to compare against so I will be able to definitively show any improvements if any once I get the AIO installed. I ended up going with the EVGA CLC 360 based on reviews and price. It's not as fancy as the NZXT, but it also cost $85 less. Plus, last time I looked the only place that had the NZXT available was Amazon, and that was only for the 360. The 280 was out of stock until June.
  8. Unfortunately these are becoming impossible to find in stock in the US.
  9. The top won't support the 360mm rad. Also, not for nothing my 1080 stays cooler than my CPU does. I rarely get above 60 on my GPU, even after a few hours of playing apex or warzone. My CPU is in the mid 70's when F@h. My computer is usually either Folding or gaming with very little of much else.
  10. What's up LTT forum, So after months of arguing with myself and trying 2 different air coolers I pulled the trigger this morning on a EVGA 360mm CLC. Got a pretty good deal considering the other popular asetek coolers are being marked up due to the current economical climate of the world. Next order of business, I have 2 possible mounting locations for the radiator in my Thermaltake S300 case. My question to the group is, my preferred placement would be the very front. According to the instructions I can mount the radiator on the outside of the case inside the front cover and then the fans on the inside. My question is air flow direction. If I use the front fans as an intake, which is what I have now and I would assume is probably "Normal" for fan direction on the front panel.....won't I be blowing hotter than ambient air into my case? My follow up question, if I change the front panel to exhaust and push air out I'm worried that I will be scavenging air from my GPU. As you can see in the picture I have a GTX 1080 Turbo, so it pulls air from the bottom and pushes it out the back of its I/O panel. Below is a picture of my current setup. I have 2 140mm exhaust fans at the very top, 1 120mm exhaust fan at the back and then the 3 intake fans on the front. I am planning on re-using the corsair AF120's as I like the white LED's and I've heard the factory EVGA fans can be noisy. The 2 radiator mounting location options are the front and the front side, but the front side would be a last resort as I'd have to remove the drive bracket and then I have no place to put my IronWolf 4TB drive. Let me know what you think.
  11. Thanks for the input. I'll have to take a look at the used market for 1080 Ti's and see what they are like.
  12. Good Day LTT members, I have a 2700x cpu/GTX1080 build. I play mostly FPS (Wargame, Apex, ROE, etc) and some strategy games (WOWS, SC2). I have a relatively new Asus ROG STRIX 27" 1080 144hz monitor and run almost all of my games near max settings and routinely get somewhere around 80-120fps depending on the game. My intention is to play on my 1080p monitor until it dies on me or until I just really want to jump to the next level with UHD or 4k. Is it worth the investment to replace the GTX1080? Looking at benchmarks I believe I would need to go RTX 2060S to match the performance of the 1080, and probably RTX2070 or 2070S to be Objectively better. What do you think?
  13. Thanks everyone. I was playing around with the idea of an AIO but as a old school PC builder and gamer, the anxiety of possible liquid spilling into my case has always made me nervous about trying it. I really like the way the Mugen looks which is why I selected it over the Noctua, which is just hideous. On the weekends I use the PC for gaming and general browsing and turn the F@h client off. And then probably 3 days a week I run her through the night, the other 2 I shut it off at 5pm and don't turn it back on until 8am. So the system gets ample rest time throughout the week. Thanks again for the replies. Appreciate it. Also attached is a picture of how the fans are oriented and such. I'm a sucker for lights. Little Red White and Blue theme at the moment.
  14. Hello LTT world, I recently, as a result of this lovely global pandemic, gave me desktop a much needed refresh. I had some questions not so much on cooling, but more if my temps are in line with what I should expect. My rig: B450 mobo Ryzen 7 2700x GTX 1080 (Single fan Turbo model) Scythe Mugen 5 rev.b Thermaltake S300 case 3 - Corsair AF120's on intake in the front 2 - Corsair ML140's on exhaust on the top 1 - Included Thermaltake 120mm exhaust on back I'm using Argus Monitor to control my fans and monitor my Thermals. On idle everything is good CPU: 39-41C GPU: 42-45C Under Load: CPU: 67-75 Degrees, occasional spikes to 81 Degrees when I let F@h run all night GPU: Stable high of 62C, no concern there. Is the 2700x spiking at 81 degrees acceptable? I have been doing a lot of Folding @ Home recently in wake of the Corona junk and I let the desktop Fold for 10-18 hrs continuous. Again, most of the time it hovers right at 70-72 degrees, with extended durations up to 75, but I will get 10-30 second spikes up to 80-81.2, with 81.2 being the highest recorded maximum I have hit on the CPU since I replaced the stock Wraith cooler. Thanks for the advice. My previous CPU never got to 65C so 80 seems toasty, but I've also read that these Ryzen chips run hot, so I just want to make sure I'm within some kind of safe operating range.
  15. Those temps are fine. My air cooler on my 2700x runs consistently at 72-74 under load and it's been doing that for months without a problem.