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  1. is a 650 Watt PSU enough tho ?
  2. isent that what i have choosen ?
  3. This is my build can i get some feedback and thoughts about it XD note; the currency is DKK and havent bought it yet
  4. I thinks it is the ISP that control it how can a get acces to the router config
  5. I got a new internet and the wifi was working just fine but when i put the lan kabel in for better speeds a have been having a lot of problems where fx facebook and discord is kinda broken. i cant come on facebook and discord cant connect to calls. plz help
  6. but if 30 series drop then the 20 series would get cheaper wouldent it ?
  7. my budget is very flexible but i dont wanna buy now and then in a few month i could have got the same for much cheaper
  8. should i wait for the 30 series cards to launch this summer if i want to build a pc?
  9. i havent bought it yet so im open for better options XD
  10. Is a bie quit pure rock enough cooling for the i7-9700k
  11. thank u for the help dude really appreciate it
  12. I would really like it to be from danish sites just because of security reasons, if something goes wrong i would trust companies i know a lot more if u get me